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Wolf Pac, Take Back our Democracy 332pc

Have you noticed our Government, no matter who is in Office, Republicans or Democrats, the corruption keeps getting worse and nothing is being done about it, like Wall Street or Banks or anyone whom was involved in the 2008 collapse of our economy?  That's because they are ALL bought and paid for by corporations in America.  It's time we take back our Democracy.  Sign up and help out.


Something needs to be done about all the money that has bought our Government Officials.

We need a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court that has allowed outrageous amounts of money into the governmental process which has allowed Cooperation’s to literally buy our government Officials.  “WE THE PEOPLE” still have the power, but it is slowly slipping away from us and I’m concerned that some day, we won’t have a say.  There is a Group that is organizing and “WE THE PEOPLE” need to get involved, if just to make simple phone calls to your State Reps. come join us. 

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