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I have been actively involved with NM Wolf-Pac since the 2017 NM Legislative Session. I attended the Wolf-PAC National Warrior Workshop in Chicago in Fall of 2017. I love this invigorating, one issue, non-partisan, multi-cultural and multi-aged group!!

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I concluded that the political influence of special interest big money is the underlying problem of majority, if not all,  of our inability to make progress with our political concerns.  This group addresses correcting that problem in a most pro-active, constitutionally based approach. History supports it; the call for an Article V Convention has precedence in bringing about popular change. I also like this approach because it is so educational. It really teaches us how our government works, and how to put representational government to work for US. 

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    I realized later that there already is the video of Cenk debating. THANK YOU!!

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    I support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to ensure that our elections are free from the disproportionate influence of special interests and fair enough that any citizen can be elected. 

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