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Dec 06 2018
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Sep 18 2018
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Jun 21 2018
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Jan 25 2018
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  • rsvped +1 for Game Night for Political Nerds! :) via 2018-12-06 19:35:10 -0500

    Game Night for Political Nerds! :)

    Let's get the gang back together and re-energize the Rhode Island anti-corruption movement. 

    This night is intended to be a social get-together for fun and networking. I have a few decks of cards, a set of Dominoes and a mini version of Ticket to Ride which I have never played. Feel free to bring any game you want. And if you bring Settlers of Catan, I'll be your best friend for life :P

    I intend for this event to be monthly and to eventually include like-minded people from other organizations. I will be choosing from local establishments with varying atmosphere and cuisine.

    I explained who we were to Yoleni's and they are excited to have us and supportive of our cause. We will be meeting in the upstairs space (where the new bar is!) which has big tables and can fit 100 people; we will have plenty of room and can get as spirited as we want.

    There is plenty of parking behind Westminster if you can't find any on the street and more diagonally across the street as well.

    December 20, 2018 at 8pm
    Yoleni's Providence
    292 Westminster St
    Providence, RI 02903
    United States
    Google map and directions
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    Thank you for making a one-time donation! Your contribution will help us build our power and continue the fight for a government that is responsive to the people. There is too much at stake to let anything or anyone stop us from adding a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Your contribution will make a difference.