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Help Wolf-PAC Get a Fresh Look: Enter Our New Logo Design Contest

Wolf-PAC organizers are looking for a new logo to go with the redesigned website, and they need your help.


Now that we've rolled out our shiny new website, Wolf-PAC organizers are ready to upgrade our current logo, and we’re turning to our amazingly creative supporters for new ideas. If you love graphic design and want to help in the fight against the corrupting influence of money in politics, this is the perfect opportunity to combine the two!

The contest begins today and runs through Friday, August 31 at 11:59 pm ET. Send your best concepts to, and our leadership team will pick their top three.

Since our supporters are vital to Wolf-PAC's success, you'll get to have the final say. Once we have three finalists, we'll open voting. The submission with the most votes will become our new logo!

Some things to consider before you get started:

  1. Wolf-PAC is bold. We’re proposing nothing less than a constitutional amendment to ensure free and fair elections.
  2. Wolf-PAC is on the move. Currently, five U.S. states have passed resolutions applying for a limited convention under Article V to propose a U.S. Constitutional Amendment.
  3. Wolf-PAC is a powerful grassroots movement of committed people. Together, we will save true representative democracy for ourselves and future generations. The Wolf-PAC citizen army (donors, volunteers, trainers, and members) is growing throughout the country.

If you can capture this revolutionary energy in a distinctive graphic, we would love to see it!

Each design should have:

  • A “wolf icon” 
  • “Wolf-PAC” spelled out
  • The ability to render in one color (the final logo will be re-colored to our specifications, but submit in any color you wish)

The logo colors are:

  • Red (#E80D19, #C80B16, F32430)
  • White (#FFFFFF)
  • Grey (#EEECE2, #E8E8E8)
  • Black (#000000)
  • Dark Grey (#262626, #6A6A6A)
  • Orange (#F36900)
  • Yellow (#FFD500)

Most importantly, our leadership is looking for ideas that are clear, direct, simple and capture the urgency of this people-powered movement.

Show us what you’ve got! Email your designs to

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