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The Massachusetts Pack

The Birthplace of the American Revolution

Now is your chance to help Massachusetts make real historic change to save the Republic!

Current status - The team has been working tirelessly to add Massachusetts to the list of states demanding a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to address the undue influence of money in our political system. The resolution, S.2243, known as the We the People Act, is further than it's ever been since we began this effort five years ago. We've already passed through two committees in the State Senate and will soon be up for a vote on the senate floor if we can convince Senate Leadership that ending the corruption in Washington D.C. is important enough to prioritize. If you live in Massachusetts we need you to join the team today and come be part of this historic movement! 

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Action One: Urgent for Massachusetts Citizens

Contact Senator Eric Lesser

Ask that he please support a clean S.2243, the We the People Act.

Example script: "My name is ____ and I am a resident of ____Massachusetts. I am emailing you today to ask for your support for S.2243, the We the People Act, demanding a U.S. Constitutional amendment to address the corrupting influence of money in our political system. I would also ask that you support the application for an Article V convention in the event Congress fails to act, as this is the only thing that gives the resolution an ability to hold Congress accountable. Please resist any efforts to amend this resolution to remove the convention call and do everything in your power to ensure the resolution receives an honest vote as written on the Senate Floor. Thank you so much for your consideration.”

After you complete this important action email and let the team know. Thank you for taking action to help restore democracy!

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Action Two: Thank our champions

Please thank these Senators for their support of S.2243, the We the People Act, and ask them to do everything in their power to ensure it get's a vote on the senate floor this session!

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Action Three: Urge support

These Senators need to hear from you! Please urge them to support and prioritize a clean S.2243, the We the People Act. They need to know that this is something the people of Massachusetts care about.

click a name above to send an email

Who are your local state legislators? Who represents you in the upper and lower houses of your state? It's crucial to get to know your legislators so that you can start a dialogue and get them to support our mission — you have a lot of power on the local, put that power to use!

If you live in Massachusetts we really need you to join the team!

There are many different levels of participation and ways to get involved. Each person who joins us makes us that much stronger. Sign up to volunteer and get connected with the local Massachusetts team today.

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Media coverage

Contact the Massachusetts team directly here:

S 2243
Massachusetts Senate Bill

Resolutions for a United States constitutional amendment

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts calls on Congress to propose an amendment to the Constitution that would affirm that the rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of human individuals only, and that Congress and the states shall place limits on political contributions and expenditures to ensure that all citizens have access to the political process, and the spending of money to influence elections is not protected free speech under the First Amendment.

Sen Mark Montigny
Statement on S 2243

“The corrupting influence of the overwhelming amount of money in American politics has endangered our democracy and rendered the average voter almost insignificant in comparison to large corporations and those willing to sell out to the highest bidder. We simply cannot stand for this and, if Congress does not act, we must take real steps at the state level to impose massive reforms,” said Rules Chairman Montigny.

“We can no longer accept the wrong-headed juxtaposition that corporations are persons for purposes of undermining democracy yet shielded when engaging in criminal behavior.”