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Jun 23 2018
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  • is hosting Central Florida Wolf-PAC Meetup (August) 2018-07-13 12:33:23 -0400

    Central Florida Wolf-PAC Meetup (August)

    You are invited to join the Wolf-PAC Florida team of Central Florida at Panera Bread at Doctor Phillips on Thursday, August 9th, at 6:00 pm. This will be a great opportunity to meet those who are fighting to restore a representative democracy and to learn more about our efforts in Florida. We'll be discussing the upcoming Warrior Workshop in Utah this weekend and how it'll make us stronger to get our Article 5 convention passed this year.

    Everyone is invited, so bring your friends and family. No experience necessary – we welcome both new and veteran volunteers. Join us as we prepare to work towards our ultimate goal of adding Florida to the growing list of states demanding a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!

    August 09, 2018 at 6pm
    Panera Bread
    7826 W Sandlake Rd
    Orlando, FL 32819
    United States
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