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North Carolina Organizing Director 319pc

By day: mild-mannered quality engineer. By night: vicious, corruption-hunting Wolf-PAC organizer.

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I support Wolf-PAC because the Free and Fair Elections Amendment to the Constitution will be the most effective, most permanent solution to the root cause of the issues afflicting our country. Wolf-PAC's approach is also the most sensible, most direct way to get the Free and Fair Elections Amendment. We do not rely on Congress; we go around them. We do not rely on the Supreme Court; we go above them. We use pressure; we do not rely on it. Wolf-PAC's plan is unstoppable. We will get the amendment, no matter what.

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    Salt Lake City Warrior Workshop

    $1,330.00 raised
    GOAL: $3,000.00

    Our 2nd annual Warrior Workshop is about to begin in Salt Lake City! We will be training volunteers and leaders from all over the country (from Alaska to Florida) with the knowledge to pass the Free and Fair Elections in their state. To help us cover some of the cost for this amazing weekend we're asking for a donation of $25, or whatever you can afford. Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate it. 



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