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Wolf-PAC is an organization that is filled with the most dedicated volunteers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Wolf-PAC is a place that fosters growth and innovative ideas that I have yet to see in many other organizations. The army of Wolf-PAC is loving, kind, brilliant, and passionate about this one issue. Everyone here are true activists that inspire me to keep working day-in and day-out no matter how difficult the world can be.

Out fight is an age old fight. What happens when absolute power is given to a small group of individuals? They are corrupted, absolutely. We are working towards restoring and reforming our campaign fiance reform laws to put this country back on the right track. No other issue can be resolved to suit the general welfare of the People until this one issue is fixed. Our campaign finance laws are severally broken, and it is only up to us to create the change we want: restoring the balance of power between the opulent and the People.

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