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We demand a government that is accountable to the People

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We are made up of people from all walks of life: engineers, military veterans, doctors, accountants, business owners, farmers, students, lawyers, scientists, mechanics, office managers, teachers–everyday people working together to make our government accountable to the people. Together, we will add a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution that restores Free and Fair Elections in America. Join us and let's make history together!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

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We are people-powered, and our members are the lifeblood of our organization. Each and every person who joins us increases our power and allows us to hire more staff, run elections, inform the public about our movement, and fight for a better future for all Americans.

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Washington Senate Committee Hearing!

Join Wolf-PAC Washington in Olympia on Friday, February 22nd for the hearing in the Senate Committee on State Government, Tribal Relations and Elections. SJM 8002, the Free and Fair Elections memorial, is going to be heard in committee and we need as many people as possible to show up to show support for this resolution.

Important----> Click Here for Instructions, Timeline, and What to Expect

Help us make history by making Washington the 6th state to call for a limited amendment convention to address the issue of campaign finance reform. We must do everything we can to put an end to the corrupting influence of money in our political system.

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New Jersey Gathering of the wolves

Hey All,


New Jersey Wolf-pac is in the process of fighting for some really great changes in state specific campaign finance reform. For our February meet up let us come together to enjoy each others company, engage in political discussions, and eat pizza! We will be meeting at Commander AJ's house on the 22nd starting at 7pm. All you need to bring is yourself, a good attitude, beer (if you are of age), and some cash to chip in for pizza. We look forward to seeing you there!!


P.s.  If you do plan on drinking at this event please have a way of getting home responsibly. 

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Portland Oregon February Meetup

It's that time again! Wolf-PAC Oregon is planning a HUGE meetup in Portland on February 23rd. Meet Wolf-PAC volunteers from all over the state and discuss exciting new developments. You don't want to miss the first meetup of the 2019 session! 

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California Wolf-Pac Capital Meetup

As we begin the 2019 legislative session, come join us in the Capitol to learn about how you can join the fight for free and fair elections, our plans for 2019 and to learn about our Capitol, Legislative and Research Teams.

You’re invited to the Wolf-Pac California Capitol Team Meet Up at the Old Soul Co. in Sacramento on February 23rd at 2pm.

Everyone is invited, so bring your friends and family. No experience necessary!

There is free street parking or paid parking available nearby.

The cafe is in a rear alley through a parking lot.

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