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Here in Amarillo, Texas! Ready to help with whatever needs to be done to get our democracy under control!
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Hello Aaron, please let me know whatever I can help with. I will be in touch in a day or 2 if I don't hear from you. Looking forward to working with you in whatever capacity I can. Have yourself a great day!
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Hi Aaron. I just signed up and I am willing to lend my programming skills to the best of my ability! I currently am not employed in the technology industry but I still create programs as a hobby and can pick programming languages fairly quickly. Just let me know what I can do to help. :D
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Would it be possible to set up for PayPal donations? Also, I do like the idea of setting up a limitation on corporate spending to buy politicians and terminating corporation status as individuals, but would prefer to see a broader approach taken by the PAC. Especially since opening a Constitutional Convention without first ending the hostile occupation of the judicial and regulatory agencies would be a disaster in the making. A first step would take the microphone away from Wall Street by separating media from bank ownership and returning it to the position of public watchdog. The dismantling of media ownership by established plunder-and-propaganda industries will not go quietly and will likely require a level of aggressive participation never before seen from the normally complacent masses.
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It looks like donations have stalled. It also seems that the idea of having a constitutional convention is meeting a lot of resistance. Perhaps a broader goal, with the methodology for achieving it decided upon by consensus rather than decree, would be more attractive.
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Hi Aaron. I don't have any tech skills. But, I've been working in Chicago music venues years. Mostly guest/artist relations & security. (guest list, hospitality, security, box office, production, etc.) So my major skill set is communication & direction, from 1 person to 1000+. If there any way I can help, please let me know.
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Hi Aaron, just tired to make a small donation, however, it stated my post code must be in US format - can you accept donations from abroad (Britain) or not - I am not a US Citizen.
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Hi Aaron. I'm a web developer and designer, I run I met Steve Oh recently at the annual Media Consortium meeting and have been a TYT fan for a long time. Would love to help however I can on the web and on the ground in Kansas.
posted a note for 2011-10-21 17:19:24 -0400
The price of democracy is permanent vigilance!! Ready to help, can offer webspace for free hosting of websites for Wolf Pac related campaigns, just tell us what to do when and we are a go.
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Hi Aaron. I see you need programmers. Point me where you need help
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Hello Aaron, I live in Denver and am eager to lend a hand. I have pretty extensive experience in research, having retired from a career as an investigator, and manager for the Dept. of Labor. I also have a background in doing presentations and outreach activities. Let me know if there is anything I can do.
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Hey Aaron,
I may not be as helpful living outside the USA (I am American though), but please feel free to contact me if you think I can assist in some way.
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I'm in Sioux Falls, what can I do? I'm decent with HTML and web tech but would also like to organize locally. I've setup a local meetup but it's yet to take off; , hopefully I'll have more attendees soon.
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Aaron Please review the document we have spent the last 36 hours on this website have been working on immediately upon it's grand opening.

Like I said, I am an Air Force Staff Sergeant about to get out and am looking to continue to be an organizer and coordinator, even if it's just online, furthermore, I am great at writing just about anything, and have produced youtube videos to get 120k plus hits pertaining to what I have written. (not as much as you guys, but enough as just a private individual I think)
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Professor from Nashville, TN (the state capital). Would like to try to get established survey giants to ask a straight forward question to demonstrate the power of these ideas to resonate with the population. Looking for other academics with potential ties/knowledge of the industry.
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There will be recalls in Wisconsin this winter. We need to put candidates on the spot in those recalls. Make 'em pledge to support our 28th Amendment!
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I am from California, but I am moving Australia on Monday. Would you suggest sending hand written notes to my Governor, state senators, and district representatives showing my support for the 28th Amendment? It might raise some eyebrows coming all the way from the land down under.
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