Wolf Pac TX Email 2013-01-17: "Hit The Ground Running in Texas!"

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Last week Cenk announced the first Wolf-PAC resolution, HCR-25, has been filed in Texas!  This is a critical first step to ending Citizens United and getting corrupting money out of politics!

We bit off a pretty big hunk of brisket introducing legislation into Texas first so we need all boots on the ground.  Many of you have already signed up to be part of the core group that will lead in Texas.  Thanks!  If you haven’t already you can do so at http://wolf-pac.com/helpintexas.

Quick but necessary background and core strategy for Texas:  HCR-25 is the “Wolf PAC” resolution calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention.  SCR-2/HCR-21 were also filed in Texas and are based on the Move To Amend model of a non-binding resolution asking Congress to propose an amendment.  Our core strategy in the Texas Legislature is that we want ALL these bills to pass and that our bill is the “insurance” and “muscle” for SCR-2/HCR-21.  I’ve been using the phrase “1-2 punch” with good reception.  We hope Congress will act but what if they don’t?  We believe the only hope of Congress acting voluntarily is if that action is forced by a call for a Constitutional Convention.  

The Texas Legislature and process is unique.  We are developing a focused and deliberate strategy that we believe will give us the most leverage and success.  YOU are what will make it successful.  We’re counting on you!

Texans United To Amend Rally:  Saturday, Jan. 19, 1-4pm, Texas State Capitol (South Steps)

Join Wolf-PAC TX, Rootstrikers, Move to Amend, NAACP, MoveOn.org, Public Citizen, Common Cause, Progress Texas, Occupy, AFL-CIO and other groups to make our voice heard at the State Capitol. 

Let’s turn out the TYT Army!  Come and show we’re too strong!

Yours truly, Todd Jagger, Texas State Coordinator for Wolf-PAC, will be speaking around 1:15pm, followed by Conor Kenny, Chief of Staff for Rep. Lon Burnam, who filed HCR-25.  I’ll look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.  

Action item: If you come please talk about Wolf-PAC and HCR-25 as the “insurance policy” and “muscle” to the bills being promoted at this event (SCR-2/HCR-21) and the “1-2 punch” to overturning Citizens United.  HCR-25 was not introduced when this event was organized so we will probably be the only people talking about it there.

What you can do right now

1. Follow @wolfpactx on the twitter and “like” our Facebook page
2. Go to the new “Texas Action” page at Wolf-PAC.com: http://Wolf-PAC.com/tx_action and check out Week 1’s actions.  Don’t knock yourself out, do what you can.

In the coming weeks I’ll be contacting you regularly with updates and links to new action items.  

You are what will make this possible in Texas.  Who would have thought that big ol’ red Texas would be Wolf-PAC’s first state?  But if you’re a Texan you know what we can do.  Our success here will show every other state that this is possible, especially the red states.  We are in a historic position to literally save our republic.  We can retake our democracy.  It's going to be hard.  Really, really hard.  It's going to take being smarter than the opposition, focused in our actions, and building a coalition with people we might not agree with on anything except that money in politics is destroying our country.  But together we can do it.  It starts here. Right now. Today. With you. In Texas. Imagine that.

¡Viva Tejas!

Todd Jagger
State Coordinator - Texas

Wolf PAC Texas 
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