Why Wolf PAC?



By Michael Monetta

I often hear people ask, "What makes Wolf PAC uniquely different than other organizations that also want to get money out of politics?"  The answer is simple: The Plan, the Host, and the Pack.   

The Plan

Most people agree that we need a constitutional amendment to truly get money out of politics and fix our broken democracy, but few other organizations are calling for the Article V Convention we need to get that accomplished.  

Wolf PAC realizes that there are only two ways to pass an amendment -- Congress or the States -- and since our federal government is already much too bought and paid for by special interests, the only realistic option we have is to pressure our state governments to call for an Article V Convention.  The sole purpose of the convention would be to propose an amendment to end corporate personhood and get money out of our election process. 

Some people argue that a convention is not the way to go because of the fear of a "runaway convention," where there would be potential for a "free for all" because any delegate could propose anything they wanted.  To that I say, so what?  Our Founding Fathers thought of this and set up the process so that it would take 38 States to ratify any amendment proposed at the Convention.  That huge burden means there can be no amendment without true nationwide consensus.  The only fear of an Article V Convention is that it may highlight how utterly useless our federal government has become and make our State Legislators look like democracy saving All-Stars.  We need 34 states to agree to the Convention, which is why Wolf PAC is currently in the process of finding those All-Star Representatives in every state in the country and building a coalition ….or Wolfpack.  


The Host

If you're not familiar with Cenk Uygur, well, you should be. 

The guy is a born leader, and more importantly in this case, a born winner.  He has built a strong and extremely loyal coalition, aka The Young Turks Army, who support him and are willing to go to "battle" with him.  He has proven his allegiance to the truth over partisan politics time and time again and you mustn't listen to more than a few minutes of The Young Turks to know he is about as sincere as they come.  He has a passion for finding and explaining the truth that you just don't get from our media figures today and he is not afraid to be bold when necessary.  There aren't too many people out there who would turn down a lucrative job with MSNBC because they are not willing to compromise their core beliefs and be able to speak freely every day, but that's exactly what Cenk did. 

So when he announced the creation of Wolf PAC, a Super PAC to fight the good fight, there was never any doubt that it would also be sincere in its efforts to fix the most important issue of our time, the issue that affects all other issues in the United States today: money in politics. 

With the strength of the largest online show in the world behind him and The Young Turks now on national television, Cenk certainly has the ability to push Wolf PAC to victory no matter how long, tiresome, or difficult the fight. 


The Pack  

With over 5,000 volunteers strong in under a year's time, and a focus on the one issue that all Americans from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street and everyone in between can agree on, Wolf PAC has the people power to make this revolution a reality.  

But how to pressure our state governments to do what we need them to do?

Simple. We tell them what we need, or in this case, what we demand.  We call them, we write to them, we email them, we set up meetings with them, and most importantly, we get them on record as to where they stand on this issue, and then we post their names on an interactive map of the United States so people will know who supports getting money out of politics and who is open to the idea of a convention in each and every state.  

The only thing a politician needs more than money is votes, so we make it crystal clear to our representatives that every election in the United States from now until this problem is fixed is a one issue election. 

We raise lots and lots of money to run ads against those who will not agree to be part of the solution and ads in support of those who will.  We host events such as meetings or concerts to raise awareness of this issue and the plan to fix our Democracy, we post the Wolf PAC link on our Facebook and Twitter pages,  We join Wolf PAC by becoming a member and donating a little bit each month.  Think about how much power we would have if 1 million people were donating just $10 a month to this cause. That's just a tiny fraction of our population yet we could actually compete with these corporate behemoths and have a voice again.  

It is totally possible to win this battle but it's going to take all of us stepping up and believing it can be done.  The arc of history does indeed bend toward justice and it's time to give that arc a little nudge in the right direction.  We dictate our own lives and our own futures; let's fix our country and save our democracy from the clutches of corporate tyrants who have zero interest in what we, the American people, want.  Republicans and Democrats must come together to say ENOUGH. Too many people have sacrificed too much to let our country be taken from us now.  

We must fight, and we must fight this year, right now.  

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commented 2012-10-03 19:51:04 -0400 · Flag
Moninn, in fact, many wonder what the difference is between Wolf PAC and groups like Move to Amend. This is why Mike wrote this point: to clarify the differences between Wolf PAC and other groups with similar goals. Not everyone got the memo ;)
commented 2012-10-03 14:59:38 -0400 · Flag
Did somebody not get the memo? WolfPac is about getting money out of politics! Not complaining on how little Cenk complains about Prez Obama or not enuff attention to Nader/Rocky or whoever is the newest underdog. Don’t get me wrong I like alot of what Rocky says. But again the whole point is like what Michael Monetta says.
commented 2012-08-23 19:23:34 -0400 · Flag
Didn’t Cenk Uygur initiate Wolf PAC? I don’t hear him any longer promoting the other choices like Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson; predominatly I hear him attacking Romney and defending Obama on The Young Turks.

Where is the outrage against Obama, the individual who betrayed all progressives after promising change and then colluding with Wall Street and big money in politics. Wasn’t Goldman Sachs Obama’s biggest contributor in 2008?

I am certainly against Romney; but since Cenk Uygur is a leading voice of Wolf PAC, where is the outrage against our current President who is colluding with Corporate America?

The Barefoot Accountant
commented 2012-08-23 18:32:03 -0400 · Flag
Not sure where Obama is mentioned in this blog William, Wolf PAC is all about changing the system so that in the future our only choices will no longer be only those who are beholden to corporate interest…
commented 2012-08-23 14:49:39 -0400 · Flag
I am disappointed that Cenk Uygur on Current TV is not pushing the candidacy of a real progressive but simply pursuing the lesser of two evils strategy. Booo. How very disappointing. The last four years of Obama’s Presidency will be far worse than his initial four years. He is a corporatist like Bill Clinton.

The Barefoot Accountant
published this page in Blog 2012-08-16 09:05:00 -0400

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