Why we fight

The current political system is structurally corrupt.  Money buys our politicians. Most of the money comes from multinational corporations. In the end, our politicians do not serve us; they serve the people who pay them.

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Ditto to what August Waldron said. This is the fundamental problem. Until we fix it, no other problem can be solved. Currently every bill that Congress passes is bought and paid for, and U.S. citizens shouldn’t have to go to “Occupy Wall Street” extremes to get reasonable representation. We should be able to get representation through the ballot box, but our elected representatives get co-opted by money. Dollars matter far more than votes, and that is a violation of the spirit of 1776. The lack of representation is why we fought the American Revolutionary War, and it’s why I am willing to fight again.
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This is the problem that needs to be fixed before you can fix anything else, whether it be the war on drugs, the real wars, education, healthcare, or anything else.

Keep up the good work!
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I fight to see a difference in my lifetime. I’m tired of watching the world around me be controlled by those that don’t deserve it. There are so many people suffering here in this country and abroad and it’s disgusting to see happening. I fight with those who value life, liberty and a chance to become what they dream.
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