What happened?

Starting in 1978, the Supreme Court began to allow corporate money to influence politics. Since then, average Americans have seen their wages stagnate and their share of taxes rise significantly, while corporations have seen their tax burden shrink and the top 1% have literally tripled their income. There has been a massive redistribution of wealth in this country. And it’s going straight to the top. Yet corporate wealth and corporate power continues to grow unabated as the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations can now spend unlimited money in politics. 

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commented 2012-11-22 19:34:30 -0500 · Flag
Excuse me: “It’s too bad the electorate is largely clueless.”
commented 2012-11-22 19:32:44 -0500 · Flag
Alex: Only when the masses lose more jobs, more homes, etc., will a progressive party evolve. Right now most people think President Obama is a progressive and not a corporatist. It’s too bad the electorate are largely clueless.
commented 2012-11-22 02:37:29 -0500 · Flag
I am just a 14 year old but I see it clear that we need a new party mabey a revival of the progressive party!
@erikcaswell tweeted link to this page. 2012-10-24 11:07:22 -0400
What happened? Why is our political system broken? And how can we fix it? http://t.co/7iK2vnva
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It wasn't always like this http://t.co/VYpebZn9
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commented 2012-06-22 16:19:11 -0400 · Flag
Well, Alan, you won’t find it with Democrats: since 1985 they sold their souls to the devil with the assent of the DLC over the DNC. Now they are as guilty as their Republican souless-mates.

It’s time to leave both “bought and paid for” political parties and stop voting for the lesser of two evils: voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. Imagine Stalin and Hitler were candidates and you had to vote: would you vote for the lesser of two evils?

Rocky Anderson is a Constitutional attorney, civil rights lawyer, former Mayor of Salt Lake City, running for President in the Justice Party. Please see my hour-long interview of him at http://www.cpa-connecticut.com/blog/?p=5455

A transcript is provided.

Please let me know if you find Rocky Anderson as inspirational and creative in leading us to a better way.

It’s time to end corporate/1% tyranny. Virtually all of the democrats and republicans are on the payroll of the wealthy.

The Barefoot Accountant
commented 2012-06-22 08:58:01 -0400 · Flag
Occupy was a great moment but resisted organization. We need a real populist rage and that isn’t there when still most Americans are pretty comfortable. I think that is about to change as we veer closer to the Second Great Global Depression and bought-GOP rule will put the process on steroids. When people are too poor they are busy surviving, not with activism. Today’s activists are billionaires. I’m sort of thinking the GOP reign will be accompanies by riots. There could be an awakening when base Republicans find out they were swindled. Arab Spring could still come here when everyone realizes what happened. But that’s not really what we need right now. Now we need inspiration and creativity to find a better way to end the occupation of Washington (our government) by Wall Street and cronies.
commented 2012-06-21 23:28:45 -0400 · Flag
We need to organize and take back our democracy. Forget the democrats: they are bought and paid for like the republicans, except they portray a somewhat more liberal face on social issues since those issues do not have any financial ramifications on the rich donors.

So how do we awake the 300 million Americans who are too fat, lazy, dumb, and stupid to do something about it? That is the question.

The Barefoot Accountant
commented 2012-06-08 11:54:47 -0400 · Flag
Fantastic article on the Citizens United Case and the John Roberts Court in New Yorker magazine May 21st edition http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/05/21/120521fa_fact_toobin
commented 2012-05-04 09:14:59 -0400 · Flag
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commented 2012-04-19 00:00:44 -0400 · Flag
what ever happened to a government of the people for the people?
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