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The Progressive Agenda: 9 things progressives should focus on now that the election is over - Pt. 2

The Progressive Agenda: 9 things progressives should focus on now that the election is over - Pt. 1


See Cenk Uygur, Lawrence Lessig and others at UCLA Nov. 17th – You can also watch the video LIVE!


Chomsky on campaign finance reform

Newt Gingrich: Citizens United Super PACs 'Fundamentally, Profoundly Wrong'


Investigate the Kochs and Dark Money in the 2012 Elections!

News from around the web:

Dear Mr. President: Please fight to overturn Citizens United

Perhaps the most important legacy you could leave, President Obama? Clean elections

Outside group spending controlled the 2012 election conversation

The airwaves and the newspapers have been peppered with reports belittling the impact of outside groups on the 2012 election. Many have taken it a step further and concluded that super-PACs and “dark money” groups — the groups that don’t disclose their donors — are not the threat to our democracy that many had feared. That is where they are wrong. 

61 Super PAC Donors Gave as Much Money as 1.4 Million Small Donors to Campaigns

Just sixty-one individuals gave $285.2 million to Super PACs in the 2012 elections, contributing the same amount as 1,425,500 small grassroots donors to the major party presidential candidates, according to a new report from Demos and U.S. PIRG.

Letting Shareholders Know How Their Money Is Spent

The most expensive presidential election in history may be over, and shareholders of public companies are still in the dark about whether and how their money was spent on politics. But the Securities and Exchange Commission is beginning a process that may bring this lack of transparency to an end.

Michael Bloomberg To Become a Political Force

The Citizens United decision seems to have unleashed right-wing billionaires, who spent millions of dollars helping Republican candidates. That balance may change a little now as New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, starts to ramp up his political spending.


Thank you, Project Rugged!

Will Republican Megadonors Say Sayonara to Super-PACs?

Liberal bankrollers soured on partisan politics after the 2004 elections. Will Adelson and Co. follow suit after 2012?

The Man Behind Citizens United Says 2012 Has Vindicated Him

He figures that Mitt Romney's loss was probably due to a variety of factors like poor messaging and spending. Without Citizens United, though, he says the election would have turned out much worse for Republicans: There would have been no counterbalance to the mainstream media. "The lesson here is all the hype over independent spending was just completely overblown," Bopp says. "Nobody can buy an election."

Millions of Voters Demand Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Grassroots campaigns with the lofty goal of amending the US Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court's landmark 2010 Citizens United ruling got a thumbs up from millions of voters across country on Election Day.

Result Won’t Limit Campaign Money Any More Than Ruling Did

When the votes were counted, President Obama’s campaign declared victory over the conservative “super PACs” that had sought to bury him in negative ads and win the White House and the Senate for the Republican Party.

Dark Money Casts Shadow on Top 10 U.S. Senate Races, New Analysis Shows

Nearly half of all spending by unrestricted outside groups seeking to influence this year’s top 10 Senate races originated from entities that do not typically disclose their donors, a Public Citizen analysis released today shows.

Colbert shuts down super PAC

After murdering a ham and stealing $800,000, “Colbert Report” host Stephen Colbert announced he was shutting down his super PAC, Americans For A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow.

PAC founded by young local Democrats helped tip scales in swing states

On Election Day in a spare, bright room in Charlottesville’s Glass Building, dozens of young Democrats worked phones in a last-minute push to coax voters to the polls. But the young volunteers and staffers of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a PAC founded by two UVA alums, weren’t calling Charlottesville residents. Their calls were going out to Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ohio, and a handful of other areas where hard-fought House and Senate races were coming to a close.

"The Koch Brothers Exposed" - A Conversation with Robert Greenwald

Social media has changed innumerable contemporary landscapes, including the arena of arts and culture. Creatives are bypassing the traditional power structures and looking for new ways to get their content out—whether in the fields of painting or filmmaking. Blazing the trail with novel approaches to distribution, filmmaker Robert Greenwald has forged a new model for a mashup of documentary filmmaking and political activism.

Campaign Finance Reformers Get Back To Work After Record Election Spending

Political money is governed by rules, regulations and Newton's third law of motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. With the projected record-breaking $6 billion election in the rear view mirror, campaign finance reformers are now pushing back.

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