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Comments our volunteers have received from Virginia Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Mark Herring (D - District 33 - Fairfax County) 
"Thank you for writing and sharing your concern about the influence of money and politics. I am very concerned about the impact on the national political process as a result of the Citizens United case.  Americans are being bombarded by attack ads on television and have been since the early summer.  Many of these television ads seem misleading if not outright false, and yet the sources of much of this money remain a secret.  I would be open to looking at suggestions on how this decision could be reversed."

Rob Krupicka
 (D - 45th District - Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax)
"Thank your for your message, Mr. Miles.  I am concerned about the role of money in politics.  I'd be happy to talk to you further."

Gordon C. Helsel Jr. (R - 91st District - County of York, Hampton, Poquoson 
"1: Yes, I believe that the influence of money in politics is a problem.  2: It would depend on the specifics of the amendment and whether or not it could be done with a piece of standard legislation versus a constitutional amendment."

Mark Sickles (D - 43rd District - Franconia) 
From his Legislative Aid: "Delegate Sickles read your letter and agrees that the influence of money in politics is a problem; Del. Sickles is open to an amendment to the constitution to solve this problem.  Please let me know how I may be of further assistance."

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