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Congratulations to Texas for becoming the first state to file an official Wolf PAC Resolution! 
In the coming weeks we will be putting pressure on Texas state legislators to pass resolution HCR 25. 
We need your help to make sure it passes. We literally can't do it without you.

If you live in Texas please contact our Texas State Coordinator Todd Jagger:   todd@wolf-pac.com

This page will be updated with weekly action items you can do right now.  They will be quick but the list will get long.  If you're coming in late just pace yourself...

Together we are too strong!

Week 1:

    1. Make sure your address is complete in your Wolf-PAC.com profile so we can target your legislators.
    2. If you haven't already, Click Here to become part of the team who will be helping in Texas.
    3. Find out who represents you here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/  
    4. Please send an email or postcard to these Texas legislators and tell them that you are very appreciative that they have taken on the issue of money in politics and Citizens United. (Use your own words.)  Please don't use any bill numbers, but reference all three names together as they have all decided to tackle this issue.  Such as "I just wanted to thank you, along with ...... for taking on the issue money in politics."  You can (and should) also post the same thanks to their Facebook page and Tweeter account (yes, we like to poke fun at our Governor).
      1. Legislators prefer contact via their official contact page as it lets them track constituents and issues, so that's probably the easiest to use.  But hey, who doesn't like getting a postcard? So that's cool too.

        Honorable Rep. Senfronia Thompson
        Room CAP 3S.6, Capitol
        P.O. Box 2910
        Austin, TX 78768

        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senfronia.thompson.5
        (No twitter found for Rep. Thompson)

        The Honorable Senator Rodney G. Ellis
        P.O. Box 12068
        Capitol Station
        Austin, Texas 78711

        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatorrodneyellis
        Twitter: @RodneyEllis (he's active on Twitter)

        Honorable Rep. Ron Burnam
        Room CAP 4S.5, Capitol
        P.O. Box 2910
        Austin, TX 78768

        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/repburnam
        Twitter: @LonBurnam


Doing these will really help us a LOT!  When you're done, no matter how long it takes, congratulate yourself.  Seriously.  Say "Victory!"  Thanks! 


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