Add to petition: ban individual influence on congress as well

Watch out; if you end corporate takeover of government, rich private individuals will just donate and influence directly instead of using their corporations... need to restrain both corporate and private greed corruption and influence in my humble opinion :)

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commented 2011-10-31 20:01:53 -0400 · Flag
I worry about election debt, if they can not give the money, they will “loan” the money to the campaign and let the campaign go bankrupt.
commented 2011-10-31 14:10:27 -0400 · Flag
I think part of the proposed amendment states that each individual person or entity is only allowed to contribute $100 max to a given candidate in an election cycle. You’re right though, has to be addressed!
published this page in Blog 2011-10-31 11:44:58 -0400

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