First thing we need is real forums

A forum where you can actually post threads to follow, like threads for organizing in individual states would be very helpful for cooardinating.

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@ Randy

Large forums have quite a few standards that can be followed to minimize shouting matches and biligerent behavior. If it gets big enough, which it looks like it will, active responsible readers will need to be placed as administrators to the forum for organizing topics and keeping the peace.

Some might say this site should focus on the amendment alone but i disagree. The amendment is priority, but the fact is simply that it is only still just a small start to what will likely be a long engagement. A real forum could allow us to organize our priorities alot better.
But again this site is only a week old so we must be patient.
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But forums are important precisely because discussion is public and everyone can read it. Private conversation is exactly what we need less of.

Admittedly there is no cure for rudeness, but you can have very strict moderation, particularly in regards to swear words. Once you establish a code of conduct, people generally keep to it. Besides, it’s within all our interests to, especially given that if this gets anywhere you’re bound to have cable news networks scouring the forums for the one person that makes an anti-Semitic or a racist remark.
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Just a recommendation. I don’t engage in a lot of forums, because too often two or three people are talking back and forth so much that it becomes rude, and inconsiderate of others. Does anyone know of a way to steer these people to their own personal e-mail addresses to continue their back and forth.
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Yeah of course, I’m not criticising anyone, I just agree with Tobias in the sense that the sooner this happens (because there appears to be a lot of enthusiasm at the moment) the better. We’re all more than impressed with how much has happened so quickly.

I think it’d be best to have state websites as part of the main one, just to make it all less confusing, but that’s just me, I really have no idea in terms of forum design.
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I support this post so much. A more organized area for discussion is almost as necessary as food and water.
commented 2011-10-26 01:18:31 -0400 · Flag
Well, vBulletin costs $180/195. If the money is available, definitely go for it. If not, I’d recommend a free solution, such as SMF.
commented 2011-10-25 22:53:14 -0400 · Flag
My guess is that they are slightly overwhelmed at Wolfpac headquarters and need to go through all the feedback they are getting. I’m sure once there is a clear social media leader in every state and all the other positions they are trying to fill they will make that info available to everyone in a simple way. Hasn’t even been a week since this launched so let’s give them a little time to go through all the feedback they are getting, this will be the movement that saves our democracy if we execute it right. I’m building a site for New Hampshire that will have all the links for New Hampshire and info on the State Reps we will need to pressure them into passing this amendment. It will be very clear and to the point, and if any other state wants to use it as a blueprint they will be more than welcome. It’s going to take a little time, but we are going to do this!

How about a Facebook Like fellow wolfpack!?
commented 2011-10-25 21:30:47 -0400 · Flag
I was actually about to make the exact same comment. Cenk we need real VBulletin boards.
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