TEXAS, now is your chance to make real historic change to save our republic! 

We need you to encourage members in the Texas House of Representatives to be a co-sponsor of HJR - 94

* And then please log every call you've made here:  www.howlatthem.com 

The first thing we need you to do is find out who represents you in your district by Clicking Here.

Once you know who represents you we need you to contact them as many different ways as possible. We need you to call their office phone, their district phone, and send them an email using their contact form. 

We also encourage you to contact the Speaker of the House Joe Straus and tell him you really want to see HJR 94 voted on in Texas. He will play a huge role in whether or not this makes it to committee and if it passes or not in that committee.  [click on his name above to see contact info.]   Be extremely courteous :) 

Now here comes the fun part.
    Howl at Them!  After you make a call make sure to report it here:  www.howlatthem.com 

Wolf PAC has created a new system for keeping track of a politician's stance on a resolution in real time.  Using this tool we will be able to see how many times a legislator has been called and how they responded.  We need you to fill out a comment every time you call a Representative even if you haven't heard back yet.  (give that person a rating of 5 so it won't affect their overall score) When you get a comment from a Representative we need you to fill out a rough estimation of how they responded.  A rating of 1-3 will give them a 'Red Light' on this issue which means that they were not interested at all, 4-7 means warm to it but not committed, 'Yellow Light',  and 8-10 means that they were very supportive, 'Green Light'.  Their overall score will be an average of everyone's ratings and will be visible by a red, green, or yellow light next to their name. 

If a legislator does not have a red, green, or yellow light next to their name that means they have not been called yet, and we need to make sure everyone has been called at least once! So let's make sure to spread it out over all members of the House.  

*To start leaving comments you will need to create an account using your email only. (very simple) 

What you need to know about HJR 94, the first official Wolf PAC resolution:

HJR 94, when passed, will say that the state of Texas has officially applied for a constitutional convention for the purpose of fixing the problems brought about by Citizens United and the influence that big money now has over our political process.  It is the strongest method available to us, as left by our founding fathers, to fix this problem.  Any resolution simply asking Congress (with a lower approval rating than telemarketers) to do something about money in politics, is not strong enough without the teeth of HJR 94 to back it up.  Congress has proven to be incapable of dealing with this issue and we point to the failure of the Disclose Act, as solid proof of that.  Your state representatives should support this because this is an issue that almost all Americans agree on, poll after poll has shown that to be true.  Texas now has the opportunity to literally make history and be the first state to officially call for a convention for this purpose. 

Keep it simple though, all you really have to say is that you are a Texas citizen who is very concerned about the influence that money now has over our political process and you think that HJR 94 is the strongest way to address this issue, and you would be very happy if they would co-sponsor it with Representative Burnam.  And you would be a very proud Texan if Texas was the first state to 'take the bull by the horns' on this.  That's it! 

Remember to report all calls you've made here!  www.howlatthem.com 

To learn more and have something more to give to legislators if they ask, www.wolf-pac.com/legislators

To see a video of Todd Jagger, our Texas Coordinator (todd@wolf-pac.com) and others speaking at a rally about HJR 94 (formerly known as HCR-25) recently,  Click Here. 

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If you haven't officially signed up to help in Texas please do so below so that you will continue to get updates as we move forward.  Without you we are weak, with you... we are Too Strong!!





Please send a letter or postcard to these Texas legislators and tell them that you are very appreciative that they have taken on the issue of money in politics and Citizens United. (in your own words)  Please don't use any bill numbers, but reference all three names together as they have all decided to tackle this issue.  Such as "I just wanted to thank you, along with ...... for taking on the issue money in politics."


Honorable Rep. Senfronia Thompson
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

The Honorable Senator Rodney G. Ellis
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711

Honorable Rep. Ron Burnam
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768


Email contact:


Comments our volunteers have received from Texas Legislators on how they feel about money in politics.

Lon Burnam (D - District 90   Tarrant County) 
in regards to the influence of money in politics, “Yes, it is a problem, and yes, I would likely support such a constitutional amendment."  I received this message through his Chief of Staff, Conor Kenny.

Working with us, Lon Burnam has sponsored HJR-94, the Texas Wolf-PAC Resolution. If successful, it will put Texas on the map as the first State calling for a convention. Call the Texas Representatives and Senators and tell them to support the measure.

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