Suggestion: How about Bumper Stickers?

Do we have Bumper Stickers?  Something like Signup get a bumper sticker, volunteer get a T-shirt.  That might be to much but bumper sticker would be cheaper than t-shirts and they would be noticed by the public.  What do you all Think?

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T-shirts would be great. The cost of a t-shirt to make is what, 6/8$? The cost of soldier subscription is $120 a year, but the value of that type of visibility and publicity would really help grow the army. Subscribers would be PROUD to show they support Wolf-PAC.
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Seeing as how I own a tee shirt printing company, and being out of the loop on budget matters, and making a very large leap beyond my pay grade here, it has been my experience that money spent on any PR type venture is always best used in a coordinated and efficient manner that usually doesn’t involve an item as expensive as a tee shirt when money is tight- and since ad specialty is a, well, specialty (emphasis on the “t”- …ah, the puns) of mine- I would counsel an item that is truly unique as opposed to bumperstickers.

Additionally- I imagine that the organization still has a few tweaks at management levels in order to finish “branding” the wolf pac image- I am not sure- but there are always legal matters when conceiving and implementing products because of all the potential copyright infringements and public perceptions (what a few might think funny many others don’t sort of stuff concerns)

I am not trying to pee in anyone’s Wheaties- just trying to help promote realistic expectations- if getting a 501©4 off the ground is anything like a 501©3, then wow, are there ever facets to the gem, lol!
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I’ve been wanting them for a while Tim. Right now we are offering a T-shirt for becoming a member. After we raise some money hopefully with the Wolf PAC auction coming up (early January now) we will have more money for that kind of thing but it’s definitely on the list.
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