Some Tips I have found.

These elected Officials are only responsible for their Districts and if you don't live in their districts then they really don't have to answer you, so you will have to appeal to them in a different way.  Here are a couple of things I tried.  I told them that this isn't a matter of just one district of Michigan and is in fact a national Issue.  I also have said that this Issue is not a Republican or a Democrat Issue, It is an American Issue. 

I also said: I am asking as a citizen of Michigan and of the United States as we are trying to fix a national problem.  If these credentials are not satisfactory enough for you, then I am disappointed.  Our Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution that if our federal government ever became non-responsive to the needs of the American people, we are able to go through our state legislators to amend it.  We truly feel our country has reached that point and I hope you will consider speaking to me about this issue or at least learning more about what we are trying to do. 

You have to appeal to their common decency and what is right to get some of them to respond.  I hope this helps and good luck to all.

Another thing is if you can get your Face Book Friends involved in calling Reps that would be great, especially if they live in another district of your state.  All we need is their response to these to questions.

1. Do you believe that the influence of money in politics is a problem?

2. If so, would you be open to an amendment to the constitution to fix this problem? 

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your own Rep to respond because they will want you to vote for them again.

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I’ll have to take the Facebook or some other communication idea to heart. It would be nice to get a response from an army of people emailing their own districts.

Good suggestions.
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