Here is a Template that I have used to get 13 or 14 State Reps. to respond

Here is a Template that I have used to get about 13 or 14 of the 110 Michigan state reps to respond.   This is just a sugesstion, so use what you want and change the rest.  At this point we're trying to document where these Reps stand on this Issue so we know what states we can focus on.  I only have 1 rep tell me he doesn't think money is a problem. so I'm pumped up.

Hello Representative Smith,
I sent you an email a while back, but I never received a response. I know you are a very busy person, so I will make this short.  We believe this is the most important Issue of our life time and this is not an issue concerning just one district of Michigan.  I have already contacted my State Representative on this Issue and he has responded to me, so please do not forward this to him. All I’m looking for is your opinion on these 2 questions.
1. Do you believe that the influence of money in politics is a problem?
2. If so, would you be open to an amendment to the constitution to fix this problem

It is a known fact that 86% of all Americans believes that the influence of money in politics is a problem. I truly believe that if enough State Representatives can get on the same page we can actually fix this problem. I am working with a National group that is building a nation wide alliance of state representatives who are willing to fight for this vital and quite possibly most important issue of our lifetime in the United States. What is really more important than restoring true democracy to our country?
I am asking as a citizen of Michigan and of the United States as we are trying to fix a national problem. If these credentials are not satisfactory enough for you, then I am disappointed. Our Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution that if our federal government ever became non-responsive to the needs of the American people, we are able to go through our state legislators to amend it. We truly feel our country has reached that point and I hope you will consider speaking to me about this issue or at least learning more about what we are trying to do.
What we are about:.

I will greatly appreciate a timely answer to this vital issue,

Thank you for your time,

Timothy J. Skodak
Wolf Pac – Michigan

There is also a new link: that you might want to refer to.  It talks of Article V.  Calling for a Constitutional Convention from the states to fix the Government.

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Awesome stuff, Tim.

I will try adopting your message as an approach as I continue to email the Pennsylvania state legislature.
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