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Wolf-PAC is making a big push this week to get State Representatives in each state on record as to whether they (1) Think that money in politics is a problem and (2) If so, are they are willing to be part of the solution?  

This is a crucial step in our plan and will help us build our roadmap to victory by finding out how much support we have in each state.  

It is extremely easy to call a Representative and most of the time you will only have to leave a message with a receptionist or on a voicemail. Not sure how to go about it? Click here to see one of our volunteers making a call to a State Representative.   

If you can step up and get just ONE State Representative on record as to whether they think money in politics is a problem this week, that would be fantastic! Feel free to email Mike any time with any questions at all you might have about Wolf PAC and our plan to restore true democracy to the United States.   

Click Here to RSVP for calling a State Representative this week! 

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