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There are quite a few well known leaders/minor celebs in random areas of interest (sports/health/etc) that also make their political motivations and beliefs quite well known among their fans and followers. Two that come to mind is Robb Wolf, the man spearheading the PaleoDiet (also crossfit) movement among the health oriented community. He's let it be known he is very libertarian, and he absolutely seems like a guy who would back this and could pass this on to his 50,000 twitter followers, especially ones who agree with his political views. 

  Another is Joe Rogan and his podcast. He's got a huge following of fans from the UFC crowd to the stand-up comedy crowd to the, well, "Green" laidback crowd, and he's absolutely vocal about his political views, well more like distrust ha. He can be a little fringe sometimes, and kinda conspiracy-paranoid like in his tirades, but he's nonetheless a surprisingly informed guy who speaks his mind and he seems like someone who would certainly back this and give it vocal support on his podcast and twitter (897,084 followers, plus half his tweets are about something going on in political/social affairs usually;national as well as international)

  Basically, there are niches and communities based around things like sports, health & diet, all genres of music, uhm, cars even, etc, just all these areas of interest that usually have popular figures in them that are also politically oriented and would (depending on who it is) be great people who would maybe agree with our goal and help spread the word to their fans and followers who otherwise wouldn't hear about it because they don't usually visit the same sites, nor read and watch the same sources of current affairs we do. 

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Very good suggestions Nicholas, I’ve tried reaching Joe on Twitter but that’s tough to do, if you wanted to put a little time into trying to find real contact info for these guys that would be helpful. Let me know if you can! -Mike
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