Our politicians are bought, and now they are caught.

This is just a small sample of the payoff's that are going on. 

1. Phil Gramm,  With the help of his friends in the Banking world, He was able to repeal Glass-Steagall. Then after mission accoplished he went to work for the very institution UBS that he was supoose to be regulating. Living a very good life from Bail out money me and you paid for..

Here is the cherry on top his biggest contrubutions came from, ya I'll give you 2 guess, but you will only need one ENRON!!!!

Look where these guys get there money from..

Phil Gramm


Judd Gregg. Now works for GS. 

City bank. Lockheed. GE. 

John Boehner.

GS. MS Paulson and CO..

Eric Cantor.

BAC.GS.Glenworth Fin.

Paul Ryan.

Pricewaterhouse GS. UBS.

Now this is why we need the money out NOW!! every one of these companys got a bailout from  US. Your Tax money went these guys bonuses.. and all these politicians were paid to make sure it happened..

Now do these guys represent us? I tro not!!

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