Hey Guys, My first post - it's a rough draft let me know what you think.

To all my brothers on the front line of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, I completely support this movement!  Now, if you guys allow me I would like to throw my hat in the ring and tell you why I’m mad.


The OWS has been represented as a group of hippies and misfits who hate corporations and individuals who make large sums of money.  The Main Street Media (MSM) blasts this message over and over again trying to define us in this way.  Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck have all said everything negative about us without even ever giving us a chance to articulate in any meaningful way.  They will never interview a guy like me, William Black, Dave Stockman, or any other legitimate person who can articulate what our grievances are.  They find the people in the movement that fit their definition of what we are and it’s a complete misrepresentation of a movement that’s in over 80 countries as I write this.


I’m writing this in hopes of bringing my understanding of this movement and sharing what I know is the truth.  I love a free market. I love free capitalism.  Rich people are not my enemy.  I love trading futures, selling calls and purchasing leaps on occasion.   We live in a great country.  So you ask what can I be so mad at?


I’m mad because we don’t have a free market.  We have financial institutions that are able to operate under a completely different set of rules than the rest of us must play by.  I’m mad because the MSM never gives us the platform to rationally discuss what is currently going on.  Also, the fact is, the 99% have no representation in our government.


Let me give you an example:  The Bank of America, last week, got a backstop of 53 trillion dollars and our government representatives let them do this without our input or our consent.  Don’t you think this is kind of an important topic?  Yet the MSM never even talked about it at all.  Just think, 53 TRILLION.  Don’t you think the Tea Party would talk about this massive confiscation from the 99% who’ll end up paying it and yet all we hear is crickets?  Instead they did talk about Romney hiring illegal aliens, and Rick Perry’s looking for Obama’s birth certificate.  So you can see what their priorities are compared to the 99%’ers. 


So just think with the tax payers going in hock for 53 trillion that could pay for Obama Care for the next 100 years.  It would also pay for the Iraqi war for another 50 years.  See what I’m talking about, and the MSM and our politicians completely ignore all this.  Even though these are the issues that are bringing our country into bankruptcy.  This is the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement. 


Let me go back, so we can go forward.  In George Washington’s farewell speech and it is just as relevant today than it was then; he warned the representatives of his time not to put their personal interest above those of a free nation.  If they did that, it would be the thing that would destroy the very country that they represented.  Wow, he hit the nail on the head because this is exactly what is taking place today.


Also, you might remember this speech by Abraham Lincoln.  We don’t have to worry about some transatlantic giant coming to smash us with a blow.  In his estimation, destruction was not going to come from abroad but would spring out from within us.  He knew this country was vulnerable to big corporate America and if possible they would fleece everyone else in the process.


Don’t forget the great Thomas Jefferson saying the banks were more dangerous than standing armies.  The banks in their current form today is exactly what Thomas Jefferson was referring to.


It’s obvious our forefathers all saw the same thing and warned us about the things that are happening right now.  That is why we are mad!


You can easily see in today’s society that one percent is using the same methods that they used against the Colonists in the late 1700’s.  England had just concluded a war and they needed money badly.  So who do they go to, they went to the colonists and they started taxing them even though the colonists had no representation in England’s Parliament.    Sound familiar?  The similarities don’t stop there.  England also had their own Bank of America but back then it was called the British East India Company.  The Parliament decided they didn’t want that company to lose money so they decided to tax the Colonies again.  But Paul Revere and his friends said I don’t think so.  I’m not paying that stupid tax to finance some big company back in England.  So he went to a square inNew York City and joined the Occupy Brothers.  No, not really, but the colonists did come up with their own idea.  So some of the Occupy Brothers dressed up like Indians and dumped all that British East India Company tea in the ocean at low tide.  So you now know where the Occupy Movement came from.


Here are some ideas of what I think needs to happen:


  1. We need real Campaign Reform!  We want representation right now!  Both sides are bought by lobbyists from the financial institutions and we the taxpayer pays for all of it.  Without representation.
  2. Audit the Fed Now!  We already know they gave 15 trillion to other banks around the world.  What collateral did they give us?  Who gave the Fed permission to give this money away in the middle of a recession?
  3. No more Corporate Welfare!
    1. Close the Fed Discount Window.
    2. Mark their assets to market value.
    3. Any mortgage backed security that was sold to a retirement fund and rated AAA has to be paid back in full with interest.
    4. No more carrying trades.
    5. If the bank wants to trade market futures then they must put more capital in reserve.  (Just like an individual has to if they trade futures.)


Right now, if the banks were a person they would be on Food Stamps.  But because of guys like Tim Geitner, Larry Summers, or Judd Gregg these institutions can completely rob us taxpayers and even if they fail they get rewarded for it.  Really, just make them comply like every one of us 99%’ers have to.  If one of the 99%’ers makes a mistake he gets fired, not rewarded.  Come on representatives make it fair!


If any of the 99%’ers got to operate under the same rules as the banks they would be billionaires too.


Change is Here!  We are the 99%!



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commented 2011-10-28 09:51:43 -0400 · Flag
Great rough draft manifesto, dude. Now tighten it up a bit and read it while you video yourself and post it on vimeo / youtube etc. You can do it! Not many people read any more.

I’m no editor, but on your re-write, take out words like “stupid”
commented 2011-10-27 23:31:00 -0400 · Flag
Love it man, but my ADD kicked in about halfway through, lots of details in there, my vote is always to stay focused on the one objective we have, to take away corporate personhood. If we succeed at that maybe we can use this army for other things in the future, but I think we should just keep it super short and simple, like Republicans. that’s why so many people support them “tax cuts” that’s all they ever say. We just need to repeat like a Republican robot, “Take away corporate personhood” “take away corporate personhood” One clear message, but that might just be me and my ADD
published this page in Blog 2011-10-27 17:28:30 -0400

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