commented on Contact 2013-04-08 10:34:04 -0400
You clearly have not been educated in this country. It would be inspriring to help you better understand our Constitution and how our government is designed to perform.
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posted a note for 2012-01-30 17:08:22 -0500
Have our Gov't STOP printing money.

Why don't we have Universal Health care> We are the only civilized country who doesn't have it.

This immigration thing is all about free or cheap labor for business. The candidates don't want to talk about it. Business should be penalized for hiring illegals...more money penalized than they can make if they hire them...why... so they can pay taxes!!! replenish our treasury so we can pay our bills. If business can hire ANYBOBY as long as they do the paper work to become an American citizen. Fine.. If they want to continue living in garages fine...when we find them we will deport them..Don't give them a reason to come here.... $3/hr is still better than they were making. If an America business had to hire anyone at Min. they would hurry back across the boarder to Mexico.
posted a note for 2012-01-30 16:58:45 -0500
Coporations ARE like people ...they can sue and be sued. You can't pick and choose depending on final outcome...They can file bankruptcy as people can... no restrictions.. Why can they contribute money as people can and file bankruptcy and people can't i.e exception student laons...... Double standard!
commented on Home 2012-01-23 19:04:37 -0500
Can you please post our organizational structure (people) Who are we going to support? Let's share our thoughts i.e 1) don't print any more money... why? When you do it cheapen our dollar and the first to get the new money are usually hedge fund managers and banks. 2) Promote Universal Health care.. why? Our reps have the BEST health insurance money can buy and THEY are suppose to represent US!!! Can we talk about this? 3) Promote a "living wage" where county. small cap companies can receive Gov't assistance. Final comment. The "super committee was a joke.. why didn't they appoint top economists from around the country and invoke their plan! Why not? Because our reps won't be able to take care of those who take care of them....that's why it failed.... Bring in your ideas......
posted a note for 2011-11-08 07:43:40 -0500
What are we trying to say? A third party? Universal Health Care?,A Living wage per State, per county with Gov't assistance where needed?. These leaders who are stepping aside are telling us they don't work for the common good but for their special interests. They are taking care of those who take care of them. We see that more in this country with Republicans mostly. Social Security, Medicare is good. The vehicle is sound. The operators are screwed up. Capitalism is good. Through business where it provides goods and services to the public it also stores wealth for future generations. Through our paychecks it supplies deductions i.e Social Security, welfare, unemployment etc as a reserve. Most Republicans want NO deductions. Eliminating deduction is just that much more to the bottom line and their own pockets. Money hardly ever trickle get sucked up.......We need more of a direction. All these demonstrations are saying what. Let's get organize!!!.
commented on Home 2011-10-26 19:00:31 -0400
We must find congressmen who will embrace the following ideas. 1) Stop printing money.When new money is introduce it goes to the banks and insurance companies etc. They don't trickle it down it get sucked up. Have our govt work with what it has.. 2) Promote Universal health care. Companies will have no excuse to not hire because their health care cost is too high!. Provide a "living wage" per state per county. Have Govt provide assistance to Ma and Pop (small companies). Remember we start donating and collecting we become like them...!!
signed up for outreach 2011-10-26 19:00:31 -0400
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