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By David Frankel of Trending Hill


The “It Gets Worse” campaign, run by Wolf PAC and The Young Turks news program on Current TV, wants your opinion. To join the campaign, The Young Turks asks you to send in a short video, where you discuss anything related to corporate personhood and how the current system is detrimental to progress and dangerous for the future of America.

There are three topics the It Gets Worse campaign needs you to brush upon:

  • How does money in politics affect you or those you know?
  • Why should money be taken out of politics?
  • Why should Citizens United be overturned?

Cenk Uygur posted a video telling the story of Steven Law, the president and CEO of American Crossroads. American Crossroads is a Super PAC, started by Carl Rove, meant to help corporations.

Elizabeth Warren is currently running for senator of Massachusetts under the Democratic ticket. During the 2008 financial meltdown, Warren was a pivotal advocate for the protection of consumer rights. American Crossroads has been running ads demonizing her and the bank bailouts. The ads the Super PAC is running insinuate that Elizabeth Warren was in favor the bank bailouts, when she was vehemently opposed to them. The ad also accuses the banks of playing a major role in crippling the nation’s economy, which is true. Of course, this Super PAC is funded by people who benefitted heavily from the bank bailouts. Even more egregious is the fact that Steven Law was the general counsel for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s lobbying team. The Chamber of Commerce was the main lobbying group encouraging congress to bailout the banks.

It gets worse.

“Steven Law and his team successfully lobbied to kill a bill to curb TARP bailout recipients from receiving lavish bonuses.” Yes, Steven Law allowed the bankers that helped destroy our economy to receive bonuses from taxpayer money. With misinformation, this individual and his Super PAC are now trying to lead the American people into thinking that they’re the good guys. Does this not make your blood boil?

We need your help to make #ItGetsWorse succeed. Please make a video to help get money out of politics. And don’t forget to spread the word!

Go to and upload your video!

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