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I firmly believe the only way we will accomplish our goal here is to intensly target every single reprentative in each state.  We need to have a site for each state (I'm building one for NH now) with contact info and whether or not they support a constitutional convention with the purpose of taking away corporate personhood.  We need to assign a volunteer (or many) to each representative, they will be responsible for getting that representative on record as to whether they will support the convention.  It must be made clear that refusal to support said convention will result in nothing short of losing their job of representing us on this one issue alone.  If a volunteer's assigned rep will not go on record as supporting this convention, that volunteer will then be responsible for getting a local petition going to say that people will not vote for this person based on this one issue.  It is unacceptable to not be favor of taking away corporate personhood, if any state representative will not sign on, they lose their job, it's that simple.  Let's do this folks!

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Oh, and I’m working on Texas. :)
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I agree that direct targeting is need with a site dedicated to each rep, their campaign finances, and whether or not they support the movement.
commented 2011-10-24 13:18:12 -0400 · Flag
Yes. Has wolf-pac started the process of dividing by states the appropriate action committees? If so, someone please direct me to our Texas entity.
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Target Representatives
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