Google Doc for Social Media in Each State

Google Docs are fantastic, you just click and enter your info. If you have started a WolfPac in your state, click on this link and enter your Twitter, Facebook,etc.  so we'll have it all in one place.  and keep on rockin in the free world, too

Click Here to add your Info

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OR search facebook “wolf pac” for the latest pages….
commented 2011-11-02 09:03:26 -0400 · Flag
looks like facebook is the media of choice; no problems with west coast east coast :) just saying. Perhaps a video on youtube explaining stuff; post it to facebook (on your wall or on each fb state wall, then comments underneath… it is a fb world…
commented 2011-10-30 10:30:33 -0400 · Flag
I want to have a meeting with all the leaders of the Social Media sites from each state, what’s the best way to do this?
posted about this on Facebook 2011-10-29 13:05:03 -0400
Google Doc for Social Media in Each State
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