Arkansas State Legislators

Kelly Linck (R)   
"I don't think there is an impact - positive or negative."

Kathy Webb (D) 
"Thanks for your email. Mr Bell. I'd like to see something done about corporate donations and super PAC's. I think the unlimited giving and particularly the giving to some independent entities where the donors aren't disclosed is bad. So short answer is yes. Am not sure if an amendment or an initiated act is the best way to go, but we do need to do something."     


Donna Hutchinson    State Representative    District 98

Mr. Bell,

I would be open to any proposal, but in the end it could produce little fruit.  If you want ethics in government, you have to elect ethical people.  If you elect folks who aren't, they will always find a way around it, and you'll just end up making it harder for those who are ethical.  Rep. Meeks   (R) Arkansas 

 Michael: Money is not a problem; we just need to know who is spending it on what candidate. There should be no limit on any person or organization (American--not foreign) can give to candidates.  Organizations should be willing to list owners/board members--they are the guys who make the decisions concerning whom to support in elections. Everyone should be treated equally...does not matter if it is a person, business or labor union.

Some business are based in America, but board members are foreign.  Owners/board members  of television networks should also reveal if they have contributed to candidates.  With investigations, some of this info can be gleaned, but the average citizen doesn't have access to it.

If you want more integrity in politics---establish term limits and reduce exceptions to just  a handful that can apply to everyone.  Big money buys politicians.  Mr. Obama wishes to raise taxes on the rich---the powerful & rich will just buy a congressman who will pass an exemption for their rich benefactor, but average citizens emerging into a higher income bracket will face a huge loss.  By eliminating exceptions, the rich WILL  be paying higher taxes.

Forget subsidies.  This is also a method used by the rich to gain funds from their political cronies. This includes the millions spent on the two national conventions.

Some voters are upset that Mr. Romney has accounts off shore---A wealthy  Democrat senator, John Kerry, sponsored the bill that made this possible. Both parties play the same game.

Government should not control the political process because it is part of free enterprise.  Newspapers, TV and radio stations, and millions  of individuals make their living from the election process.

Government should protect the process but not control  it. Controlling the amount of funds spent--is controlling the process.

 Protection comes by establishing laws which apply equally to everyone and demanding transparency .  It is then up to the citizens to study the issues and vote their conscience

Just some random thoughts--in no special order.

Donna Hutchinson
Arkansas State Representative
District 98


"I think it's very negative & unfortunately I will not be returning to the legislature because of the negative influence & dollars used to defeat me by AFP.  And, I hope someone is able to do something about it, but it has to be done at the federal level, not state."
Good luck.  Tiffany 
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