Contact Information for Massachusetts State Legislators  

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*Massachusetts is one of several states that have passed legislation calling for Congress to overturn the 2010 Citizens United court ruling.  Read an article about the legislation by Clicking Here.

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Comments our volunteers have received from MA Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Carl Sciortino
 (D - District 34 - Middlesex) 
"To answer your questions, yes I believe it [the influence of money in politics] is a problem, and yes I believe I have a role to play in being a part of the solution." 

Randy Hunt  (R - East Sandwich)
"Thanks for your questions. As I've said publicly on many occasions, as long as all campaign donation aggregators are eliminated, including SuperPacs and unions, I think we could go a long way toward fixing this issue."

George Petterson  (R - District 9 - Worcestor)
Admits that money in politics is an issue but was interested if we felt the same way about unions such as teachers unions and teamsters etc.  (We feel that only natural people should be able to donate to elections) 


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