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Comments our volunteers have received from Maryland Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Ron George  (R - District 30 - Anne Arundel County) 
"Very interested in bi-partisan efforts to level the playing field, seemed to feel there was undue influence of money in politics. Certainly open to legislation or an amendement if there was wide support." 

Jamie Raskin (D - District 20 - (Montgomery County)
I authored and circulated a letter in the spring that was signed by a majority of members of both houses of the Maryland General Assembly calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and send it out to the states for ratification."  notes: Jamie is open to the idea of a convention but would have to be convinced of the plan first. 

Brian Frosh (D - District 16 - Montgomery County) 
"The recently concluded election certainly shows how big money can corrupt the political process. The Citizens United decision has created an arms race that puts immense pressure on candidates to pander to those with the deepest pockets. Big businesses and special interest groups bombarded us with negative media, obscuring the facts and spinning the issues in their favour. Meanwhile, the voices of people with limited finances were often drowned out completely. I think this is a serious problem."  The Constitution should only be amended under exceptional circumstances, but the current situation does indeed seem exceptional. Americans have always held fairness to be an indispensible part of the political process. I have sought, without success, to find a legislative solution to the problems created by Citizens United. I would certainly be open to a constitutional amendment."

Donald Elliott  (R - District 4B Carroll & Frederick Counties)

"Very kind and older delegate, he is a Maithis award winner (for working across party lines) Does not dance to the party beat on all issues." 

Joseph C. Boteler III
  (R - District 8 Baltimore County)

Via phone:  "Agrees we live under a "corporate oligarchy."  Feels that money does not equal speech.  Does not support Citizens United.  Believes in community as being the primary source of financing for elections. Very willing to debate the issue."

Ronald Young (D - District 3 - State Senator)
"Yes I believe the influence of money in politics is a problem and yes I'd be willing to be part of the solution"

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