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I participated in my first Wolf-PAC conference call today.  I am inspired by all the smart and hard-working people who are involved with this process.  I am happy to help out and occasionally moderate calls.  I don't want to take on the leader role as there is a lot of work to do in Montana and I want to devote my time to working on contacting as many people as I can in my state.  I am always available to help out with other things as needed and as I get more comfortable with how things work and acquire a list of answers to questions so that I feel more confident I may be willing to take on more.  Keep up the great work!

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Thanks Leah! It was great having you on the call. I think that’s a really good idea to concentrate on Montana only. We don’t have much input from Montana legislators yet and we’d love some because Montana is a state we’d like to target. So definitely go forward with that! And you can post any tips, feedback, for comments from legislators (good and bad) on this page.
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