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Comments our volunteers have received from Kentucky Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Mary Lou Marzian  (D - District 34 - Jefferson) 
"Yes I believe the influence of money in politics is a problem and yes I'd be willing to be part of the solution.  I have sponsored legislation to limit spending.   We need the public to demand change."  

Perry Clark (D - District 37 - Jefferson) 
"Yes" I believe the issue of money in politics is a problem and "Yes" I'd be willing to be part of the solution.

Tom Buford (R - District 22 - Boyle, Fayette (part), Garrard, Jessamine) 

"Money is always an issue in elections."  Doesn't believe pubicly financed elections is the way to go, didn't work too well in Kentucky in his opinion. Believes campaign finance reform needs to be done at a federal level. 

Wilson Stone (D - District 22 - House) 
"I certainly believe that the influence of money is a problem in politics in this country. I would be open to discussing the solution."

Joe Bowen (R - District 8 - Daviess, Mclean) 
"I do. [believe that the issue of money in politics is a problem]  I might. [be willing to be part of the solution]

Keith Hall  (D - District 93 - House) 
"I do believe money is a "necessary evil" in politics.  The problem is not the money, but where the money came from and what influence or power that money wields, and how it affects the votes on pending legislation.  Typically, the political candidate who spends the most money "wisely" is victorious in the law of averages.  The great Senator Mitch McConnell claims that 3 things are necessary to become a great politician:  1) money, 2) money, and 3) money.    I am always "open" to listen and ponder and evaluate a "solution" to the problem.  Democracy should always be about people.  As Lincoln proclaimed, "For the people, by the people, of the people."

Steve Riggs  (D - District 31 - House) 
Yes, the influence of money in politics is a problem.  Another problem is the high cost of advertising and labor to run a campaign.  I supported the partial public financing of the Governors' race but that was repealed due to the efforts of Sen. Mitch McConnell meddling in state affairs.  His "welfare for politicians" is a successful but inaccurate soundbite. 

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