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$62.7 million in campaign contributions to both #Republicans and #Democrats from #BigPharma in 2016. Corporations... https://t.co/RzxCJ1FaNk
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The American People have to compete not only with big donors like the #KochBros or #GeorgeSoros, #Corporations,... https://t.co/kMxoXSW0Ro
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When a US Senator Lindsey Graham tells you that only big donors matter, not the American people. What do you do?... https://t.co/FjuxvdwPTY
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#ElectionDay, usually the candidate with the biggest campaign donations wins. Help us fix this rigged system... https://t.co/qUK2fC77In
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Fighting for Free and Fair Elections.
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#Disney might be the #HappiestPlaceOnEarth but at what cost to tax payers? @latimes reports how @Disney uses... https://t.co/WUaP1B9bGn
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Even the tax software companies have a lobby to make a profit and cause us work hard and pay more just to do our... https://t.co/W9uuLPg3L4
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"A single $17.9 million contribution from a mystery donor." -1 person or group seeking control of our #government... https://t.co/NGcfiygriy
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How is #IncomeInequlity related to #RepresentativeInequality. #1% gives $ to #Congress through campaign... https://t.co/mfQBT8Ze6e
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@RepTomMarino who received over $100K from #BigPharma in campaign contributions, was the #billpusher that... https://t.co/TwGdDryFBH
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"What is legal and what isn't legal In a system where politicians are grubbing for money..." great quote from... https://t.co/Rr10ntXELo
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The roar of the #darkmoney flood gates opening wider just adds to the noise drowning out the voices of the... https://t.co/DVZxGcRgzw
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