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We know that money is a problem in our politics, we know that something must be done. https://t.co/Ve8f6LBSz4
@joanlaundy1 retweeted @WolfPAC_NY 2018-05-10 19:22:15 -0400
#BenjaminFranklin was asked after the Constitution Convention of 1787 what they had given the American people he an… https://t.co/TpqI3F3Foc
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Lawrence Lessig's Keynote about an Article V Convention to deal with the issue of the influence of money in America… https://t.co/A4LjEye0vr
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Next weekend Wolf-PAC will participating at the Rochester Activism Fair. Come to our table and learn how you can he… https://t.co/4MuBu1vXtV
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did a piece on Congress and the system of campaign fundraising that exists. A Co… https://t.co/tliF8mOKKP
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National Coordinator for https://t.co/aViZDwy4l8
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Dan is a volunteer in NY. He recognized the urgency of the issue, he knows unless we do something now about how... https://t.co/Su9bFPCnSe
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Let the buying begin! Big donors already started pouring money into campaign coffers and buying up influence... https://t.co/D365b0v782
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American's have to ask themselves, is it worth it? That's what corporations ask when they donate to campaigns to... https://t.co/UlhUP36ru4
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https://t.co/SbyM5X9qkE keeps and eye on this major issue of money in politics and keeps the public informed. Learn… https://t.co/NCYEzWygSX
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MIke Monetta, Wolf-PAC's National Director speak on TYT about what we are all about. The real plan that is going... https://t.co/G8OgDGZ5H6
@joanlaundy1 retweeted @WolfPAC_NY 2017-12-23 17:29:32 -0500
@MikeMonetta Wolf-PAC's National Director talks about the cross partisan effort to get an Amendment for Free and... https://t.co/1RlKUpzDU1
@joanlaundy1 retweeted @MichaelMonetta 2017-12-15 09:29:22 -0500
Un-American indeed, @eugenegu. We will #FightBack. We will restore a government accountable to we the people.… https://t.co/RmlIBUv2W8
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Our last meetup of 2017, it's just getting started! https://t.co/68V2nAtj4X
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Making a difference, changing the world, be a volunteer, isn't that hard. #3EASYSTEPS https://t.co/5T5mwHiHb0 https://t.co/ie0wtjlLFg
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#DarkMoney flowing from the Koch Bros, helped to influence SCOTUS decisions. How can we continue to let this... https://t.co/HjRuyVsXL4
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#ElectionDay, usually the candidate with the biggest campaign donations wins. Help us fix this rigged system... https://t.co/qUK2fC77In
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@BrennanCenter @CommonCauseMA It great that they can stop this, but there's plenty of #darkmoney grps that are fron… https://t.co/HUvticlvQ5
@WolfPAC_NY tweeted. 2017-10-05 22:34:02 -0400
@joanlaundy1 @WAWolfPAC I'll see you at the convention!
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Next Sunday September 10th Wolf-PACNY is hosting a free concert, Rock Out for Free and Fair Elections at Pianos... https://t.co/0Evyf6h017
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