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Comments our volunteers have received from Iowa Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Matt Mccoy  (D - District 31) 
"I'm definitely in favor of a constitutional amendment. I think it's disgusting what goes on with the money."  

Curt Hanson (D - District 90 -  Jefferson County)
"I believe that corporate money in politics is a detriment to progress."  

Deborah Berry (D - District 22 - Evansdale, Elk Run Heights, and Raymond) 
said that she was definitely in "In favor of campaign reform" she should be looking at our site and contacting me again soon.

Jack Drake (R - District 57 - Shelby County) 
seemed interested, he said that his concern involving money in politics was putting "Too much power in one place."

Greg Forristall (R - District 98 - Mills County) 
Still on the fence, he should be looking at the site soon but for now he wants specifics in regards to what is considered a corporation or whose donations we'll be blocking (like unions, PACs, personal fortunes made from corporations, etc.)

Tom Latham (R - District 4) 
*Wrote a letter to one of our volunteers, seems supportive of what we are doing. 

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