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I would add to make sure that you’re following REAL and ACTIVE people who are in-line with our cause. Just scan their profile, read some of their tweets and take not of how active they are. Not everyone deserves a “follow-back.” I try to avoid following marketers, social media “experts,” porn-bots, and/or people who I’m left wondering why they followed me. Also, to free-up follow space I use the block tool liberally (especially with bots and spammer/marketers).
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Great tips Mike!
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Paypal sucks. I set-up paypal to collect donations for a charity before and they wouldn’t release any funds until we proved we were a 501(3)c organization, which took a while to dig-up the paper work. Then they wouldn’t release any of the funds collected prior to presenting proof. Later, we decided to use paypla to sell raffle tickets for the same charity and they shut us down saying that they considered raffles “gambling.” Though their terms didn’t expressly state that (and I knew of at least two other organizations that ran their raffles through Paypal).There are plenty of other sites to collect donations that are far more flexible and less subjective. We ended-up using Google Checkout and had zero problems.
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Done. @WolfPACMass
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Go Cenk! I started a blog a little over a week ago to focus on developing an agenda for the growing movement of disaffected citizens to take action to create REAL change! My latest post addresses the Constitutional Amendment and a few others for us to focus on –
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