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Why is it that the groups that are always on the right side of history i.e gay rights, civil rights, universal health care, are always the side that is underfunded and has to struggle? Is this because the 'underdog' mentality means that those who need help want to help other's? Is this because a greater percentage of those who have money are already in power? Why does it just seem that those with the money to make a real change lack the compassion to do so?

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Hans, just to clarify I didn’t say we have it figured out, I said we’ve thought it out, big difference! haha. We’re getting advice from as many people as possible on this and it may evolve for years but we’re getting close to knowing what we want to ask for. We’ll never claim to have all the answers, we’ve got some smart people, but we’re realistic. Always open to constructive criticism though, keep it coming.
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Weird, I could have sworn your comment was on the other thread…anyway

I’m glad you’ve thought this out, but I hope you realize you’re going to have to repeatedly explain and justify the logic involved. The “trust me I’ve got it figured out” phrase actually doesn’t invoke confidence :-) and I do mean this as constructively as possible…
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You’re right, but that number was just an example, we are actually shooting for 1 million members paying $10 month. That’s still less than 1% of the population. If we concentrate on one state at a time which is all we need to do with this method 10 million a month is pretty damn powerful. We’ve thought this out, I promise :)
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Well, I know this was just an example, but lets look at that concept. 10,000 donations of $10 a month, gets you 1.2 million in a year. The 2012 elections, by current estimates, saw over 6 billion dollars spent. Not trying to throw cold water on a grassroots movement, but that is the reality of our current political world. In fact, that’s exactly why I think publicly funded elections are a great idea, it would cut that rediculous number way way down.
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Hans, I agree of course that some people without money are not necessarily on the right side of every issue and there are definitely people with a lot of money who support what we are doing. But we really don’t need them to succeed. Think about this for a second, if we had just 10,000 people donating ten dollars a month we would have enough power to influence elections and inform people of what we were doing. That’s way less than 1% of the population for an issue that over 80% of the country agrees on. We can do it, we just need to dig in and start getting the word out there. I can tell you that people are signing up and showing that they are willing to sacrifice either their time or a little money every single day. This Wolf PAC is growing. :)
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I’m going to say that mainly it is because those who are very rich spend their money on only that which serves them personally. You see IMHO truly decent, civilized, compassionate people value many things before money . However, those who are very greedy, selfish, and value money more then anything else have committed their lives, their sole, to the capture of wealth at all costs. I believe it is the former who are truly rich and it is these individuals we need to idolize – humanitarians, scientists, free thinkers, creatives – instead of wealthy hollow meme’s!
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Those are all excellent questions Julia. It is frustrating that the “good” groups always seem to be the underdog and struggling to get what they want even though they are usually supported by the majority. That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, especially in what is supposed to be a democracy. I think we are at the very beginning of an age when people start to realize they hold the power. In my opinion the only thing that makes this possible is the internet, conversations like this and grassroots networking. That’s why I also believe that the only issue in the country that might be more important than money in politics is net neutrality. If we can’t learn, organize, and connect with each other online then it’s game, set, match. Everybody should support www.savetheinternet.com

I don’t know why those who have money lack the ambition to help. If I was the one who won powerball the other night I would still work on this 15 hours a day and put millions into this cause and fix our democracy. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to be part of that, I really don’t.
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Well, I’d say there are plenty of people without money that wouldn’t consider some or all of those causes to actually be on the right side of history. It sucks, but that kind of belief system goes well beyond social class, funny enough. That doesn’t mean all the wealthy folks are evil either. In fact, I’d say reformers are pretty much counting on that in order for our little endeavor to succeed. At some point we’ll need that kind of support.
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