Howling Into the Wind


Howling into the Wind   by Hiway 

The first instances I found the urge came as a boy... like when my uncle let me stand in the bed of an old Chevy pick-up truck, hanging on to the top of the cab, while bouncing through a cornfield on a hot August North Carolina afternoon after coming back from a little country general store having scored the age old southern treat of a Cheer Wine and a Moon-pie; a pack of bottle rockets tucked neatly into my jeans pocket (all of which equate to manna from heaven to an 7yr old boy) or feeling the gentle breeze on my tiny face as I sat astride the lap of my father as he took the riding mower through the "back 40" in a faster gear than he cuts grass when I was in diapers.

Rural living brought with it many influences of motor vehicles, and I, like so many of my era, was drawn to the motorcycle the first time I laid eyes on one. I was one of those young heathens at age 9 who was mesmerized by the images Dave Mann illustrated in the centerfolds of the stolen Easyrider magazines I would lift from the local High's store. By 12, I daydreamed of wild and knobbied dirt bikes careening through the mountain fire trails... which at 15 led to a longing for gleaming chopped and raked street machines; intimidating chromed iron horses with flair and maelvolence, and turning 18 I rode a fat and stocky bobber with large metallic paint flecks shimmering off the gas tank beside flat black frame tubes, a springer front end with ape hangers, and dangerous girls on the back fender pressing into me and clutching tighter as I twisted that throttle, all with the sensation of open cockpit movement and the scents, sounds and clean Appalachian country air on my face summoning the desire to joyously, and with unbridled passion... howl into the wind if I chose.  [Read the rest, it does tie into Money in Politics!]

Why I may choose to howl into the wind is something those of us that do it cannot completely, and thoroughly explain- we do it for therapy, and for peace and for solace and sensation... and a few of us howl to the very real, and very close potential for blood on the floorboards and a rage over realizing our own mortality.
Seems that lately it is mostly out of frustration; but we do it out of a need of our own individual nuances- we pick the terms, and while the general drive is common- the specifics range as vastly as the participants. I can assure you though that bikers totally understand why a dog loves to stick his head out the window and bark as he rides down the road.
At this point, you may wonder where I am going with all of this- and it is a circuitous route I am taking, but this is written by a man who has lived his life with a philosophy that is isn't always about the destination- it is also about the journey; but trust me that the destination here is what I feel is one of the most important of our time.
We have now become people who "howl at the wind" -whether it be figuratively, or literally. You certainly don't need to be riding a motorcycle either. I am speaking of the figurative wind of policy implemented by our government that does not represent the interests of the people. The literal wind of the disparity of wealth between the rich and poor, and unfair corporate influence we are forced to endure. The gusts of oppressive and ineffectual government we turn our heads into each day as we wake up and set off to make a living for our families and ourselves, trying to find some deflection amidst the stagnant wages and steadily increasing commodity costs- the bare essentials of existence.
There is a difference between Howling into the wind and howling at the wind... I am sure we all can read the subtle variation in that. Subtle in print, but not in practice.
Listen!- I am not going to start off on some partisan rant- this is not a platform for conservative values. This is not an appeal with liberal values being spout from a soapbox. THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY VALUES. Please folks- do not allow the objective of my writing here to be made diluted or misdirected by what you are conditioned to associate with any conventional political finger pointing- I am not preaching liberalism or conservatism- those are the individual values I wish to protect in each of you. I am talking about pure and simple patriotism, and patriots come in all flavors... liberal and conservative just being two of them.
The “ill wind” (to steal a phrase from good old Mr. Dylan) of unfair and unjust policy is driven by one thing: Money. Right money or left money... it doesn't matter. All policy is now influenced, implemented, and incorporated into our society by special interest money. Corporations are what supply the “special interest” and the money. They are what benefits- they are what prop up the people and promote copious media propaganda in our legislature and public domain at every level from the smallest town council to the big federal halls with disgusting amounts of money. Some of those corporations are not even American owned or based. We as regular folks can not conceive of the extraordinary amounts of money that are poured into policy that is purely designed to keep corporations and individuals unfairly wealthy which lead to us howling. This just makes for a lot of noise and clamor... as long as we sit back and just... howl.

I am tired of howling at the ill wind and wish to go back to the moon-pie and bottlerocket days of howling into the sweet wind of joy and elation. I wish to know that while maybe I don't agree with policy at times, at least it is being influenced by the popular desire of the public, and not the corporate interests that know no bounds to greed. I would like to know that my delegate is speaking on behalf of his constituents, and not on behalf of his financial backer who wants to screw the rest of us in order to make more money. I wish that my extremely conservative friends who rail against the current administration had a legitimate voice in congress for representation as those opinions that disagree with them from my friends in liberal camps (who no more have a legitimate voice despite the party of the president in power) A voice that speaks to their issues instead of pretending to adopt those issues and then distort them with spin and hype to confuse Americans into supporting a candidate who in turn answers to the money that elected him, and not the people. I wish that both my right leaning, and left leaning friends were not manipulated into perceiving the other as “the enemy” and could be able to see just another person worthy of their respect, with an opposing view worth considering and listening to before discounting at worst, if not adopting or agreeing with at best. I wish that my views, which ride the edge of both values, and are independent of either, and actually make up close to 40% of the actual American political leanings, had a voice. I feel very sure that if we all had a little more respect and patience, and were not so influenced by that money and it's media propaganda lies and agendas, that we all would see just how much more alike we are in our morals, ethics, goals, and yes, even politics, than we have been led to believe.

America has had her true patriotic blood spilled on the fields of corporate greed and corruption, and what we have reaped amounts to a complete lack of representation. We have been put into the back seat... and made silent and glared at in the rearview mirror while we howl at our government with our noses sticking out the window and doggedly pursue what amounts to basic existence in most cases. We are left at home and tied up in the backyard and relegated to an inconvienient truth. Our colors are paraded in the name of everything that makes a corporation a dollar, and America the Beautiful is whored out as a logo to the highest bidder. Her natural resources and human capital are plundered by greedy people and meglomaniacal corporations who won't even reinvest in her upkeep much less her long term sustainability. America the beautiful, land of the free, is now full of howling and apathetic pursuers of perceived pieces of prestigious plastic property and pretend power while their representatives in state and federal legislatures pay homage to corporate interests and money, and ignore their oathes of office in lieu of pledges signed for financially and morally corrupt lobbyists who promote the betterment of corporate interest and not public interest. A congressman's loyalty should be to the constitution, and they should weigh each issue before them with an eye and mind towards what their constituency prefers and demands- and it is their job to glean that from the people they represent, they work for, and are elected by- and I don't give a damn about the money that put them into office or the interests that bought the sonofabitches- and guess what? It seems that all of you out there feel this way too- 90% of Americans- be them republican, constitutionalists, democrats, green, libertarian, independent, tea party or any other organized or unorganized group, all believe the same thing. It is THE ONLY ISSUE AND SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE in this modern polarized society that we all agree on... because it reaches through that howling ill wind and rings true.

We need to send those disloyal politicians packing, and fix this. In fact, the only way to fix the problem is through all of us- because no matter what is in the heart of the person elected to office, as long as they can be lured or muted with vast amounts of money, our voices are silenced. Some of the best conservative and liberal voices, and almost every public servant over the last few decades have been bought off or silenced by big money in politics. No matter which party you side with- an issue close to your values has been made moot by a more powerful lobby. Not less than 20 years ago, a politician that would never have had the audacity to so blatantly disregard their constituents voices- for fear of not being reelected... but if a politician can get elected by spending ungodly amounts of money and manipulate those people into believing they are being represented, well, welcome to modern campaigning and politicking in the new normal.

The respectful debate betwen conservative values and liberal values will never, and should never be silenced- but the influence of money in politics must be stopped so we all can relearn to productively debate and find compromise on the issues and get back to teaching our children how to enjoy what we each see as the traditional and ethical values we hold dear. We need to have voices speaking in congress that echo their constituency in your communities so that those values can be upheld and debated with respect instead of with hidden agenda. We have to stop the corruption of traditional conservative and progressive liberal viewpoints that distort what we as right, left, and center society are demanding, lest we all be silenced... permanantly. Let us all embrace the fact that true morality- those moral and ethical values we each were raised with, and hold dear are not something that is legislated through our government and made law, but educated to our children in our homes and communities by like minds and hearts and instilled into the very fabric of society. We built a nation on education- not legislation. We are loosing our nation, and our representation, by eliminating education and implementing legislation that serves corporations. (I bet you can't read that 3 times in a row real fast) We are a nation of laws, sure... but that is now just a farce because the men behind creating, enforcing, and judging those laws have all been, for the most part, bought and paid for by big money.
Now- that would have been a great closing for this piece- but that would be terribly counterproductive. I would even say it would totally disrespect every ideal, emotion, and word relayed prior. No- I am offering a solution. I am offering a solution that will work in fact. I know with my entire being that this will work, and why I know it will work is because it is the only issue in this country that bridges across all partisan groups. It is the only issue that republicans, democrats, independents, green party, libertarian, constitutionalists ... I mean every party, group, and citizen is in agreement on- that money is influencing politics- that is a proven.
I have chosen to put my lot in with an organization. I believe in the founder, membership, and the mission, and it is working on this single issue with a laser-beam focus. We will see this problem resolved- we will be successful, and when we are, my friends who have opposing viewpoints will have a proper voice representing them, and not tossing them under a bus by their delegate or representative for some promise of campaign funding by some giant corporation, or some big paycheck job on the other side of that revolving door in Washington that sees congressmen going out and then returning back through it as a lobbyist. The solution is a constitutional amendment, initiated by a constitutional convention. Many people who are educated in political science will scoff at that idea, and while I would love to get into the specifics, this blog post is not the proper platform to fully delve into the nuances; I am simply putting the notion and movement forth for consideration. I am spreading the word.
I am asking that everyone who feels that they are no longer heard, no longer represented, and no longer recognized to become at the very least, educated about what we hope to do, and sign the petition, and at the most motivated to formally join us and register as a member and help the fight against corporate money influence in politics. America is the most fantastic and unique experiment in how to govern, and I personally feel that every veteren that lost a life, every patriot that served the public, and every citizen that felt the obligation to keep informed so as to maintain true American liberty deserves the respect and honor to keep this experiment alive. I hope children in generations to come will know about the simple things in life, I want them to find their own version of moonpies and bottlerockets, and more than anything, I want those children to feel the urge to howl into, and not at the wind.
To ALL of my friends, family, and extended social circle of wonderful souls... these are interesting times, and we can make a grand correction in the history of this incredible country, and set her twisting that throttle, and pointing that front tire between the white lines of that beautiful black ribbon of beckoning asphalt, and howling her joyous heart out into unknown generations to come.
Join me... join us... and send a clear howl back to Washington that we.... the Wolf PAC is coming... and we're pissed; and hungry... very, very hungry... for our representation back!

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commented 2013-12-22 17:03:16 -0500 · Flag
Yes, that’s correct Thomas, this would not be a “Constitutional Convention” where you could rewrite the entire Constitution. We are pushing for a convention of the states under Article V. that would allow us to have a conversation about how to fix this problem of money in our political process somewhere other than Congress.
commented 2013-12-13 15:03:42 -0500 · Flag
“The solution is a constitutional amendment, initiated by a constitutional convention” Michael, I share your views and your passion, but please recognize the distinction between an Article V Convention, and a Constitutional Convention. It is a vital distinction. An Article V Convention is the legal method provided by the US Constitution for the States to PROPOSE an amendment, which, if approved must then be ratified by three fourths of the States. A Constitutional Convention, on the other hand, is one that seeks to literally discard, replace and re-write the current Constitution. This is blatantly extra-constitutional. It is neither authorized by our Constitution nor is it sanctioned elsewhere by any federal or state law. In short, a ‘constitutional convention’ would constitute a quasi-rebellious act if not an outright direct assault on our constitutional republic which, in the view of many constitutional scholars, would violate numerous federal and state laws. This type of convention is not only unlawful, it would require an actual revolution, creating civil chaos, and possibly providing the perfect justification for institution of Martial Law.

The fact is All 50 states have submitted over 400 applications for an Article V Convention. The record clearly shows that Congress has been obligated to call an Article V Convention as early as 1911 and despite these applications, has refused to obey the Constitution. This blatant violation of Federal law by Congress needs to be recognized and corrected first. Otherwise, Congress will continue to ignore any call by the States for an amending convention. As I mentioned, the States met the Constitutional requirement for a convention long ago and we need to start raising awareness that our Congress has, and continues to break Federal Law by defying the clear mandate of Article V to allow an amending convention by the States.
To learn both about the strategy by which a convention has been prevented, and how to take action from Constitutional Scholars,please go to the FAQ section of the Friends of Article V website at:
commented 2013-03-16 15:03:52 -0400 · Flag
“We need to send those disloyal politicians packing, and fix this. In fact, the only way to fix the problem is through all of us- because no matter what is in the heart of the person elected to office, as long as they can be lured or muted with vast amounts of money, our voices are silenced. Some of the best conservative and liberal voices, and almost every public servant over the last few decades have been bought off or silenced by big money in politics.” EXACTLY! Thanks for your post.
commented 2013-02-15 21:55:08 -0500 · Flag
commented 2012-12-20 19:05:16 -0500 · Flag
WOW, This is exacty to the point. I have too howled and I too miss the days of the fairness in our government, that is why I joined this organiation a while back and I wil continue to support this cause until we achive our goal. After Reading what Hiway has so elantly wrote I see him as a brother in arms and because I too have felt the wind in my face not only in the back of a pickup truck but also on the seat of a steal horse. I no longer ride but you can’t take that away from a person once you have been there.

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