How YOU can help Wolf PAC get money out of politics

protest.pngThe greatest need we at Wolf PAC have is for leaders to step up and start building local organizations to get money out of politics.

Right now, Wolf PAC is focusing on

  • Starting groups and assigning roles (especially for a Media Coordinator position)
  • Beginning to get state and local legislators on record regarding an Article V Convention (preferably on video)

Our goal is to pass as many strong local resolutions as we can and to use this momentum to start taking our fight to the States.

To facilitate this activism, Wolf PAC has prepared a number of documents designed to help you build your local leadership team and to help you hold a successful event. Your knowledge of your city and state and creativity is also vital to our success.

The documents at your disposal include:

  1. An Event Media Guide (How to get the media to cover your event)
  2. Delegation Training (Why and how to ask other Wolf PAC members to help)
  3. A Wolf PAC petition (to collect signatures)
  4. A Wolf PAC flyer (Example)
  5. Why states should call for an Article V convention
  6. Articles from both the left and the right regarding the myth of a
    "runaway" convention
  7. An example of a Powermap and a powermapping guide
You can download the folder containing these and other documents here.

Some Wolf PAC chapters have begun meeting with local town and city council members and asking them to introduce a resolution calling for a convention of the states under Article V of the Constitution. Others have spent a few hours phone banking with fellow volunteers, calling state legislators and asking them to support a resolution calling for an Article V Convention to overturn Citizens United and protect our democracy from the corrupting influence of money in politics.

While Wolf PAC has access to an amazing public media platform because of The Young Turks, we need your videos and pictures, so remember: “when in doubt, pull the video camera out.”

Please remember to enter your event into the Wolf PAC events calendar when you are ready!

And please email or call us anytime with questions!


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Great info Natalia! Thank You.

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