HJR-94 Committee Calls

Thanks for stepping up! Let's get HJR-94 on the floor of the House!

Your help in calling the committee members will make a difference in the success of Wolf-PAC in Texas!

Don't worry! We're here with you!

Here is the information you need but if you are uncertain about anything at all just contact todd@wolf-pac.com.

Remember: You won't need to go into great detail or worry about them asking you hard questions. You will (almost certainly) be talking to a staffer or intern, not the representative. They are invariably polite and friendly so be the same in return of course. Above all we want to create a positive impression. (More coaching notes below... :)

Committee Members: Texas House Committee on Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility, Select

[VIP] Rep. Brandon Creighton  (Conroe,TX) - Committee Chairman

Rep. Cindy Burkett  (Garland, TX)

Rep. Eddie Lucio III  (Harlingen, TX)

Rep. Scott Turner  (Frisco, TX)

Rep. Armando Walle  (Houston, TX)


The Script: 

"Hello, I'm a Texan who's very concerned about the influence of money in politics, and I'm calling to encourage your support of HJR-94, which is in the Federalism & Fiscal Responsibility Committee.

I'd like my representative to have the opportunity to vote for HJR-94 on the House floor, so they can help fix some of the corruption problems created by Citizens United.

It's important that Texans decide who gets elected to office and who writes our laws here in Texas, not some outside group with deep pockets.

We deserve free and fair elections in Texas that represent our values and our interests, and that's why I would like them to pass HJR-94 in the committee. Can you please tell me where your member stands on HJR-94?"

That's it! The friendly staffer will then thank you for contacting the representative's office and you'll be done. Please do ask for the aide's name and email. They may say they do not know the representative's position on HJR-94 but will pass along your support. If you are comfortable in doing so please ask them to call or email you with the representative's position on HJR-94.

Now, if by some crazy chance the staffer wants you to expand on your reasons for supporting or isn't familiar with HJR-94 - we gotcha covered! 

"HJR-94 is a resolution supporting an amendment to the US Constitution that would reverse Citizens United by calling a convention to propose amendments.  Over 100 years of effective campaign finance law here in Texas was gutted by the Supreme Court's 'Citizens United' ruling.  The federal government has over-stepped its boundaries and opened the door for outside money to flood into Texas.  That's why we believe it's up to the states to fix it, and we'd appreciate your support."

IF they want more information that you're not comfortable providing just take their name and tell them you'll have the State Director call them. You don't have to be an expert on this, nobody expects that! Just being supporter willing to make the call is a big deal!

Advanced: If you are comfortable in having a dialog please ask for a meeting either in the Capitol or district office. Office meetings are almost *exactly* like the phone call - they are quick and pleasant. Again, you don't have to be an expert but showing up at the office is one of the best ways to show support. They know it's an effort!

 Here's Cenk calling his State Assemblyman - it's easy!

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