Speaking to left, and right brained politicians

Let me begin by making a qualifying statement: I am not a psychologist... but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

I pride myself in being a good communicator- raising an autistic daughter as a single parent provided me a pretty damn good foundation- as a project manager in various industries, and as an officer in a very large non profit, those experiences provided me with what I feel are decent enhancements to communication where the parenting left off- or maybe it was the other way around?

Let me get to the point: Democrats and Republicans are very different in many ways, but one way that is overlooked is in how they think... what motivates them.

When I speak to liberal dominant people, I use facts, figures, data, and logic... when I speak with conservative people, I try to speak to the emotional aspects of the point... the feelings and the sentiments and traditional values that hold communities together to bring in the facts and logic... very gently and almost subliminally.

Rather than write a blog on how and why- I will offer a link to a piece by Chris Mooney who did it far better than I would have had I made an attempt.

Please read- twice even:


Trust me- it will help you when making those personal contacts and exchanges. Especially the liberal folks who wish to productively discuss this issue with conservative friends and family.

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Great Information here, I haven’t had time to read the whole article, but what I have read is very in lighting.
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I have seen Mooney’s take on similar cognitive situations like environmental issues on desmogblog.com.

Good suggestion concerning a framework for approach.
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The genius of it was that it kind of was obvious, that makes it a very relevant method of getting what we’re after.
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Much obliged Andrew- it was an epiphany for me as well, but then after the second read, it seemed kind of obvious. We all are motivated essentially the same way from a cerebral viewpoint- but the messaging and emphasis that reach us most effectively tends to take on many forms to be successful depending on the individual and their personal ethics, morals, and values.
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I think this is a really genius way to approach the liberal/conservative road block, kudos, Dale.
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Contact Team: Speaking to left, and right brained politicians
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