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For those that are planning to call their reps tomorrow, here is the Michigan Powermap.

Just find your District number and there will be your Rep/Senator and all their contact info. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can contact Reps outside your district.

Good Luck, and contact me if you have any questions. Especially if you get a staffer that engages you in conversation and they ask a question you don’t have the answer to.
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Thanks for RSVP'ing. If you have any questions, let me know. :-)
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Step Up and Call a Rep call log:

Congressman John Dingell:
Agrees with WolfPAC's intentions. Has already proposed legislation (as of last week) to have the Supreme Court declare Corporate Personhood unconstitutional. Rep. Dingell took my name, phone, address so that he could call back to discuss WolfPACs (alternative) solution.

Senator Carl Levin:
Spoke to staff member, who then forwarded my call to Senator Levin's office. He was not available, however. Message left. Also, emailed message.

Senator Debbie Stabenow:
No contact. Message left on voicemail. Also, emailed message.

State Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood:
Not available. I spoke with Adam. He feels that the Senator would be interested in WolfPAC's goals. Advised me to send email to the Senator and provided me his email address to carbon-copy him, so that he can be sure to discuss it with the Senator.

State Representative Geiss:
Not available at time of call, but had gotten my email which I sent previous to the call.
Spoke with Tim. We actually had a lengthy discussion about it (wording that Tim used led me to believe that Representative Geiss may have been discussing it with him prior to my call).
Tim states that he knows Rep. Geiss is definitely against Corporate Personhood.
He doesn't know for sure whether the Representative would push for a Constitutional Convention due to the potential risks involved. (i.e. The very legislators we are trying to avoid could end up being the "delegates" for the Convention, which Tim feels would defeat the intention of the Convention), but that he would let the Representative make his own statement.
Tim states that he is positive Rep Geiss plans to email me back with a formal statement. I assured him this was an informal call, at this time, just to guage interest in WolfPAC's goals.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley:
Straight to voicemail. Left message and emailed message.

Governor Rick Snyder:
No answer and no voicemail opportunity. Emailed message.
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Although I am 100%, behind, and volunteering, the purpose of Wolf-PAC (that being to stop corporations from owning our government), another reason I am riding the bandwagon is the call for a Constitutional Convention.

I feel there are many things that need to be put through a convention, along with the Corporate Personhood Amendment.

Such as:

Term Limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.

A reinstatement of States Rights (i.e. clearer language that returns our government to respecting the reserved powers of State).

Clearer Language of the 1st Amendment – Religious Freedom Clause, that more closely coincides with the intentions of the first Continental Convention (i.e. Not only that Congress shall pass no law infringing on religious freedom, but also that laws aren’t supposed to be made that favor religion either. The original wording of the Amendment was supposed to be: “Congress shall make no laws touching religion, or infringing the rights of conscience” – From the Federalist Papers – Motion made by Senator Samuel Livermore (NH) and passed.

Revision of 2nd Amendment – Allowing the Right to bear arms, but banning Assault Weapons to ordinary citizens.

Also, an amendment that directs the Supreme Court to view the intention of a law while debating it’s constitutionality. The Constitution should not be stretched and folded to reach agenda based interpretation. (example: The AHCA was found unconstitutional, but due to a precedent that stated Justices must make ‘every effort’ to find a law to be constitutional, a tenuous tie to taxation — despite the word Tax never being used in the AHCA — was used to find it constitutional.)

I hope we can get this done. Not only because Corporate Personhood is just a ridiculous notion, but also because it is time to hit the ‘reset button’ on our government and remind our politicians who they serve.
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