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I feel that the Ideologies of the current parties have too much flaws and too many holes in them. That’s why I would like to introduce a new amendment to the Constitution, which I like to call “The Clean Sweep Amendment.”

Now here’s my plan….

This amendment will allow, depending upon the populations of the United States, the people to enact, renew or vote in a new Congress, President, and State’s government including Cities of states, Tribal Reservation governments, etc, etc, etc,

How it works.

If 85% or more of the people of their nation, state, city, reservation agree that their current governments are not working as ordered and voted in by the people, on constant unsatisfactional levels (sorry for spelling error) the people of that nation, state, city, etc, shall have the right to vote out that current government and reserve the rights to vote in new leaders of their nation, state, etc.

Here is an easy example of this; bare with me now, because I didn’t do all the math.

Lets say that 85% of the population of this nation is 290 million, roughly speaking…

So if roughly 290 million people are pleased with their nation’s government, they can get together and have the power to “vote ou” or “clean out” their current Congress and enstate a new one.

Now lets look at this from a State’s level

Say if the population of a state is oh, maybe roughly 1 million, and 85% of that is 850,000.

Well 850,000 of that state’s citizens, if not happy about their state government, than those citizens reserve the right to vote out and enact a new government of that state. You guys see where I’m going with this?? The current parties can Of Course remain, but if one party is lacking in proper government of their people, well now they are at risk at being “Clean Sweeped”

I say 85% because I worry that any lower number may cause us to vote out our governments every 4, or 6 or 8 or even 12 years. That is not my intention!! My intention is to return this country to the people, of the people, by the people, for the people.

Frank Leonard Eller

This could be the 29th Amendment!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you all for Wolf Pac It is time to take back our nation from these machines!!! I will stand by you guys all the way!!!

Frank L Eller.

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