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February's Phenomenal Meetup

Friday, February 23, 2018 at 08:00 PM
9 rsvps
Applebee's in Jersey City, NJ

Hello, Wolf PAC New Jersey! 

Our last meetup was one of legendary tales and wonderful people sharing stories about adventures and personal interests. What a time to be part of Wolf PAC NJ!

Last week, I created a survey to get your opinion where, when, and what type of meetup we should have. Now that the data is in, IT IS DECIDED! Our next meetup will be in Jersey City!

Wolf PAC Meetups are for those who are fighting for democracy, current volunteers, old volunteers, new volunteers, and for anyone looking to help end the corruption. Do you fit any of these criteria? Then this meetup is just the place for you!
Click the Address for Directions:
701 Route 440
Jersey City, NJ 07304

If you did not take the survey last week, here it is again. Please give us your input about where, when, and what type of meetup you'd be interested in.

Everyone here at Wolf PAC is part of a family that comes together for a cause. Our cause unites everyone from everywhere no matter your political views and practices. We sincerely appreciate all the efforts of our volunteers, and their strength to carry forward in dark times. Lets celebrate Wolf PAC. Lets celebrate our volunteers. Lets celebrate you!


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wants to volunteer
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