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Pasco/Hernando FL - Free & Fair Elections Kick-Off

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 06:00 PM

Wolf PAC is a cross-partisan organization seeking to restore our representative democracy by reversing Citizens United and removing the corrupting influence of private money in public elections. We are fighting to ratify a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to the US Constitution by organizing at the state legislative level to call an Article V Convention. Wolf PAC has nothing to do with saving wolves, but everything to do with saving the republic.

Join the movement!

Almost all Americans are sick of the never-ending negative campaign commercials funded by secretive SuperPACs and tired of a Congress that works for special interests, not We the People.

Attend our kick-off meeting to learn more and meet like minded individuals who are ready to take on the fight beginning in our local community and throughout our state and nation.

Beef O Bradys is located in the Village Lakes shopping center on SR 54 near the intersection of US Hwy 41 across from Lowe's. Come hungry as Beef's is expecting our patronage in exchange for using their facility for this important initiative!

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