"Eat the Rich" by MACARONE

"Eat the Rich" was performed by MACARONE at No Corporate Takeover: A Night of Music & Motion for Wolf PAC.

Official video:

Performed live at the No Corporate Takeover concert:


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Eat the Rich

Fire up the grill, preheat the oven
We about to have a barbecue and rich people are coming
Austerity, to be continued
Unless we put the other white meat on the menu
And no I’m not a racist, i ain’t got two faces
And I ain’t eddie murphy and we ain’t trading places
Fate of the nation, this is what we facing
We should eat the rich like we at a wine tasting
But they gonna get their way and they’re gonna get their pay
And they’re gonna live their lives like a fucking holiday
While we go do the work and we go be the slaves
They buy the politicians and take your rights away
You’re in an early grave, cause you ain’t eating healthy
But all they care about is lower taxes for the wealthy
They gonna get it too, it’s true the always do
You should eat the rich, they already eating you

I might get fat, i might get sick
But I’m so hungry i could “eat the rich”
Fill their pockets by taking our shit
I’m so mad i could “eat the rich”
Rich tax cuts, ain’t that a bitch
We so broke, we should “eat the rich”
I might need pills to help me shit
But I’m so hungry I could “eat the rich”

What’s the recipe, grab a piece of meat
Put some seasoning on it, but it ain’t time to eat
Turn your oven on, say 425
Once you get them inside, ain’t nowhere to hide
But if you wanna fry, we can do that too
Or we can make a soup or we can make a stew
This is how i do, with a pot of greens
And some black eyed peas, let it cook like Paula Deen
They gonna get to screamin’ and they gonna get to kickin’
They should take a lickn’, i know they taste like chicken
We should eat the rich, yeah it sounds funny
But we paying the taxes, they’re keeping their money
So don’t get sick, you better stay healthy
Cause all they care about is lower taxes for the wealthy
And they gonna get it too, it’s true they always do
We should eat the rich, they’re already eating you


For dessert, what do we got
One rich fat cat with a cherry on top
One percent could save the day
That’s the only way you don’t get flambéed
That’s the only way you don’t get sautéed
We unemployed, we here all day
We get mad, shit gets worse
Now we coming for your purse
I’m not inciting, I’m not bashing
I don’t wanna kill them, i just wanna tax them
I’m not violent, but I’m not silent
Keep this up and there’s gonna be a riot
One percent won’t mean that much
When the slaves rebel and fuck you up
For the love of money, sold your soul
One day you’ll think, we need gun control

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commented 2012-08-30 18:04:36 -0400 · Flag
Thank you Natalia! Very cool of you!
commented 2012-08-27 17:51:22 -0400 · Flag
I usually hate rap but the lyrics are smart and this song’s just generally pretty awesome. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Macarone!
published this page in Blog 2012-08-27 17:16:00 -0400

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