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Dead Link

The Ryan Clayton link on all pages is a dead link. Can that link reflect the State Director for the state of the visitor?

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Events page does not reflect the 9 weekly events..

While the Calendar of Events shows all events through December the Events page does not reflect the 9 weekly events...only the last one entered x 5

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Cyber Wolf working group

Please Contact Brandon Stone, manager of the Cyber-Wolf group if you know and can sling code in WordPress / PHP. You can contact me for connection information or David Kennedy Cyber-Wolf Community liaisons.

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Rally Call for South Carolina

If you are from South Carolina or have friends here please let them know there is a


Bruce Burk is currently the State Director

We have Google Hangout meetings Tuesdays at 8pm SC time.

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on-line list

the only on-line list/spreadsheet I use is the SC tab on



Are there other list to be monitoring... are there list that are not being maintained that I should avoid?


Jack D Davis

Greer, SC

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Conference call went well.

Looking forward to some of the legislation and tech changes that should be coming along soon.

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FYI: Wolf Pac Face Book Page

I have started a Wolf Pac face book page,  https://www.facebook.com/wolfpac.michigan  I have got about 25 likes but if I can get more it make it look better and I think if I have over 30 it allows me to do more with the page.  If you get a change please stop by and Like my page.  Thanks

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It Gets Worse Videos

Are we still doing those?  I was going to make one. 

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I found one of the 6%!

One of the representatives I called today is part of the 6% of people who can get elected when out spent.  It was like finding the holy grail.  I haven't heard back from him yet, but he could be our poster boy!

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Your Suggestions for our Facebook/Twitter Posts

We want everyone to have a say in the image of Wolf PAC.  You can give us your suggestions for photos, videos, articles, blogs, etc. right here and we will look at them.  Thank you.  Go forward!  

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WOLF PACs Accomplishments and Future Expansion Plans

Since WOLF PAC has proven to be able to do monumental things through organizing just like OWS, why not do what OWS is doing any start expanding operations once the convention is over or even start now. What I mean when I say this is WOLF PAC tackled the issue of money in politics and has proven to be very resourceful, so lets start tackling other issues as well, like the most important one, CLIMATE CHANGE. What do you guys think? 

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Pandora's Box

As I talk to people about the idea of calling a constitutional convention in order to pass a 28th amendment, something that keeps being brought up is bugging me.  A constitutional convention has the power to do a lot more than amend the constitution.  What's to stop the current owners of this country from seizing hold of this thing, and changing quite a bit more than our current political funding scheme?  Furthermore, how do you pick delegates that aren't corrupt?  I could see a lot of interest groups supporting this movement simply so they can have a bat at rewriting parts of the constitution.  Can a constitutional convention be called with a limited scope? 

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Looking for members of the PAC located in, near SF Bay Area

I want to start scheduling in person meetings w/our state reps in Sacramento.  I thought it would be really great if I could find some other pac members to join me. I am available Mon, Tue, Wed days to do this.  Anyone interested?  If you are send me a email to CAWolfPAC at activist.com (of course replace the space at space with the proper symbol)

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Contingency Plan

The Constitutional Convention is probably the only feasible and best plan out there right now among all the different plans and ways people are trying to get money out of politics, but lets give it a hypothetical. Lets say we have the convention, and because of how dumb Americans are these days we fail to make the necessary changes to the constitution that need to be made or for whatever reason the convention fails to achieve WOLF-PACs goal. What will be WOLF-PACs contingency plan? 

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Right side of history.

Why is it that the groups that are always on the right side of history i.e gay rights, civil rights, universal health care, are always the side that is underfunded and has to struggle? Is this because the 'underdog' mentality means that those who need help want to help other's? Is this because a greater percentage of those who have money are already in power? Why does it just seem that those with the money to make a real change lack the compassion to do so?

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